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Best 10 Hotels in Liverpool…Your Full Guide 2023!

Do you want to know the top 10 hotels in Liverpool that might be suitable for you to stay in? Or are you looking for the top 10 hotels in Liverpool city centre that will ease you to reach every part of the city?

Then, from this best 10 hotels in Liverpool article, you will get the list of those hotels in definitely you will like one of them!

Best 10 Hotels in Liverpool

About Best 10 Hotels in Liverpool

Usually what people think about Liverpool is that this city is located in Great Britain and is mostly known for its most popular international football club in the world, which is Everton FC and Liverpool FC. Apart from that Liverpool is also a very beautiful city that is located next to the river Mersey and this city has so many touristic places that always attract many tourists from all over the world.

Because of this, hotels are very common to be found in Liverpool. There are many types of hotels with different types of budgets, luxury or even the location or the theme that these hotels apply. If you are a tourist or let’s say that you and your family or your friends are planning a trip to Liverpool and couldn’t find the best hotel for your preferences, you will probably get one of them from the list above.

We listed the luxurious hotels at the first, to give you a complete depiction of hotels’ prices in Liverpool.

Best 10 Hotels in Liverpool; Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are usually hotels that have a standardization of at least 4 stars and above. Staying in luxurious hotels will make much difference in your comfort. In Liverpool, here are some of the luxurious hotels you can stay in:

1. Hollywood Apartments and Barges

This luxurious hotel is located in a very strategic area in Liverpool, which is only 0.0 mi to Alber Dock or to be exact next to the river Mersey.

Because of located directly next to the Mersey River you don’t need to worry about the views and landscapes that this hotel has. It is also very close to the city centre and you can reach every part of the city easily by walking or using different modes of public transport.

Don’t worry about the facilities and the services that will be given by the customer assistants at this hotel, you will be served in the very comfortable way possible and won’t regret every second you stay here. For the price, the lowest price you can get for one person is £126 per room per night, which is considered a very good price.

2. Titanic Hotel Liverpool

This hotel is a 4 stars hotel, which is still considered the luxurious hotel that exists in Liverpool. By paying at least £82 for a person to stay in a room for a night, you will get a high level of service from the hotel. Titanic hotel runs a couple of hotels that are spread across many countries in the world, so you don’t have to worry about their experiences in serving the guests like tourists.

The facilities are also very complete and comfortable, which we are very sure will maximize your comfortness. This hotel is also located next to the Mersey River and only 1.0 miles from the city centre, a very strategic place!

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