Honda Motorcycle in the UK .. Prices And After-Sales Services 2024

Honda provides 24/7 roadside assistance to help you in case of any difficulties while traveling. You can reach the service by calling the Honda Breakdown Assistance number at 0800 521 728. This service ensures that help is dispatched to your location promptly.

Transportation Service

If your motorcycle cannot be repaired on the spot, Honda offers a transportation service to take your bike to the nearest authorized service center. If the repair cannot be completed on the same day, Honda will organize and cover the costs of your transportation to your desired location.

Accommodation Service

In cases where your motorcycle cannot be repaired on the same day and you are far from home, Honda provides accommodation services. Honda will arrange and cover the costs of your stay until your motorcycle is ready.


Honda motorcycles come with a comprehensive warranty that starts from the date of delivery. The standard warranty period is two years, covering all parts of the motorcycle. If a breakdown occurs during the warranty period, the repair time is added to the warranty period. The warranty ensures that only original parts are used for repairs, maintaining the integrity and performance of your motorcycle.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is crucial to maintaining the reliability and safety of your Honda motorcycle. Honda offers fixed-price service plans that cover the first three services of your motorcycle. These plans are available for purchase within 90 days of the motorcycle’s registration and are designed to keep your bike in line with Honda’s manufacturer service guidelines.

Contact Information

For any queries or to schedule a service, you can contact Honda UK’s customer support at 0345 200 8000. The support line is available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday to Friday and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays.Honda motorcycles in the UK offer a blend of performance, reliability, and comprehensive after-sales support, making them an excellent choice for riders looking for a dependable and enjoyable riding experience.

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