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Media Markt UK : Your Full Guide 2023

Your full guide about Media Markt UK, it’s availability, stores, and alternatives.

Media Markt is one of Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailers, with stores in nearly every major European country. However, despite its strong presence across Europe, Media Markt does not currently operate any stores in the United Kingdom.

What is Media Markt?

History and operations

Headquartered in Germany, Media Markt opened its first store in Munich in 1979. The company steadily expanded across Europe over the following decades, establishing itself as a leading electronics retailer. Media Markt stores are known for carrying a wide selection of consumer technology products like computers, smartphones, TVs, gaming systems, and more. They also provide services like computer repair.

Stores are large, warehouse-style spaces with bright signage. Media Markt aims to provide shoppers with low prices and flexible payment plans to make tech purchases more accessible. The company employs a “no frills” approach, focusing on discounted prices over luxurious in-store experiences.

Media Markt in Europe

Today, Media Markt has over 1,000 stores located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, and more. It operates in nearly every major European market, serving millions of customers. The company has a particularly dominant presence in Germany, where it has become one of the leading national retailers.

Media Markt continues to thrive as a top destination for affordable electronics in Europe. However, despite its continental success, Media Markt has not established itself in the United Kingdom.

Does Media Markt Exist in the UK?

Media Markt’s absence from the UK market

Media Markt is not available in the UK. Despite being a major market located just across the English Channel from Media Markt’s German roots, the company has never opened any locations in the United Kingdom.

Numerous factors could contribute to Media Markt’s lack of a presence in the United Kingdom. For starters, established retailers such as Currys PC World have already saturated the British electronics retail industry. Breaking into the market is difficult. Geographical differences in customer purchasing habits may also play an effect.

Furthermore, operating costs like real estate and labor may be higher in the UK compared to some other European markets where Media Markt thrives. The company may have strategically focused its resources on markets where it can achieve higher profit margins. Still, Media Markt’s absence remains conspicuous given the UK’s proximity and market size.

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Alternatives to Media Markt in the UK

While British consumers don’t have access to Media Markt, there are several retailers that occupy a similar electronics niche:

Currys PC World

As the UK’s largest electronics chain, Currys PC World is an obvious alternative for shoppers who would otherwise visit Media Markt. With over 300 stores across the country carrying everything from laptops to kitchen appliances, Currys PC World matches Media Markt’s model of large-format stores stocked with a wide range of tech and electronics.


Argos is another leading British retailer that sells electronics alongside other household items like furniture and toys. While not a dedicated electronics chain, Argos shops contain tech departments where shoppers can find video game systems, tablets, headphones, and other gadgets at discounted prices. The company’s catalog format makes it easy to browse and order a variety of electronics and have items delivered or ready for in-store pickup.


For shoppers who prefer buying electronics online, Amazon’s UK website provides access to all the same products found at stores like Media Markt. Amazon carries endless options for tech and electronics, often at prices matching or beating those of brick-and-mortar retailers. Fast shipping and easy returns also make Amazon a convenient alternative.


Ebuyer is a popular UK electronics e-tailer selling a wide array of tech products online. Like Amazon, Ebuyer allows customers across Britain to conveniently shop for electronics without visiting physical stores. Ebuyer also offers competitive pricing along with fast, free delivery and returns on many items.

The Future of Media Markt in the UK

Expansion plans

While Media Markt currently has no presence in the UK, there are signs the company may consider expanding into the market in the future. In 2016, Media Markt’s parent company acquired a 20% stake in UK electronics retailer Currys PC World, sparking speculation that Media Markt could potentially open stores in the country.

Officially, Media Markt has made no announcements about UK expansion. However, the company is continuing to grow its store count steadily in existing European markets. As Media Markt looks to widen its geographical footprint, entering the British market remains an option on the table pending the right conditions.

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