Average Apartments Rent Prices in London 2023

Average flat rent prices in London have come to the mind of everyone who is considering or wondering about living in this city.

London is famous for its exorbitant rents. Even before the cost of living crisis, it was one of the most expensive locations. In this article, you will find the rental prices in September 2023.

rent prices in London

About rent prices in London

The most costly locations, according to Hamptons real estate professionals, are (Kensington and Chelsea); the average rental cost is £3,960 per month; that is: 990 pounds per week, 141 pounds per day, and 5.90 pounds per hour, which is more than a trainee can achieve in an hour.

Westminster rents an average of £3,870 per month, while the City of London comes in third. Where the rent is much lower at 2,760 pounds.

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