UK public holidays

UK Public Holidays in 2024 | National Holidays List | Bank Holidays

The UK is great because we get a bunch of public holidays (or bank holidays, as we also say) throughout the year. It means most businesses close, and I get a nice break! If you’re like me, living or working in the UK, or you’re just visiting in 2024, it helps to know about these days so you can plan your life accordingly.

UK public holidays

Official 2024 UK Public Holidays

Here’s what I’ve got marked on my calendar, and the places in the UK where they’re celebrated:

  • New Year’s Day: January 1st (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
  • 2nd January: January 2nd (Scotland only)
  • Good Friday: March 29th (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • Easter Monday: April 1st (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • Early May Bank Holiday: May 6th (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • Spring Bank Holiday May 27th (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • Battle of the Boyne (Orangemen’s Day): July 12th (Northern Ireland only)
  • Summer Bank Holiday: August 5th (Scotland only)
  • Summer Bank Holiday: August 26th (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  • St. Andrew’s Day: November 30th (Scotland only)
  • Christmas Day: December 25th (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
  • Boxing Day: December 26th (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

Important Notes:

  • Regional Differences: Be aware that Scotland and Northern Ireland have additional public holidays not observed in England and Wales.
  • Substitute Days: If a public holiday falls on a weekend, a substitute weekday becomes a public holiday, usually the following Monday.
  • Closures: Most businesses, schools, and some government offices are closed on public holidays. Public transport may run on a limited schedule.

Planning Around Public Holidays

  • Travel: If I’m traveling, I know things get more crowded and expensive during these times. Booking way ahead is my best bet, especially if it’s a big holiday.
  • Important Stuff: If I’m going to need a hospital, pharmacy, or even a big grocery store, I double-check if they’re open, especially over long holiday weekends.
  • Checking things out: Some of the best museums and attractions might be closed or have weird hours on public holidays, so I always look ahead before going.

Enjoy the Festivities

Public holidays aren’t just about having a day off. It’s a chance for me to see some of the cool things that make the UK special. Lots of towns and cities have special things happening – parades, festivals, all sorts!

Knowing about these public holidays in 2024 means I can really make the most of life in the UK, whether I’m here all the time or just stopping by for a visit

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