Top 10 banks in Britain

Top 10 Banks in Britain .. Your Full Guide 2024

In this post, I’ll be guiding you through the top 10 banks in the UK. Whether you’re an investor, saver or just curious about the UK banking sector, this will definitely be insightful for you!

It’s exciting to note that British banks are leading the world in Cross-Border Lending — essentially, they excel at providing loans beyond the country’s boundaries. As an investor, saver, or just someone curious about the banking sector, you’d find these details incredibly helpful when considering options.

Top 10 banks in Britain

An overview of best banks in the UK

The UK financial system has four significant parts, each offering various services and catering to different clients.

  1. The Bank of England also known as the Central Bank of the UK.
  2. Retail banks or High Street Banks. These banks serve a wide range of customers and clients and have branches all across the country. Their ubiquitous presence is one of their defining characteristics.
  3. Business Banks provide services related to various enterprises and their needs.
  4. Investment Banks cater to customers who want to invest their funds. They provide investment services like investing in company stocks and bonds, for individuals and businesses alike.

List Of Top 10 Banks In Britain

There are several excellent banking options in the UK. What sets some banks apart could include service offerings, nationwide reach, or customer preference. Here are the top 10 banks in the UK:

  1. HSBC
  2. Lloyds Bank
  3. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  4. Barclays Bank
  5. Standard Chartered Bank
  6. Santander UK Bank
  7. Halifax
  8. Metro Bank
  9. Revolut
  10. Coventry Building Society Banking Corporation

Over the years, these banks have shown consistency and adaptability through various changes in the banking sector.


HSBC, one of the ‘big four’ UK banks, enjoys a vast branch network across the nation. What sets HSBC apart is its significant global footprint. If you already bank with HSBC in your home country, they could potentially assist you in setting up an account in the UK prior to your arrival.

HSBC provides current, savings, and foreign currency accounts, alongside credit cards, mortgages, and insurance products. For day-to-day banking, you could opt for a Basic Bank Account or the Advance Account that comes equipped with extra features. It’s an all-round bank with both domestic and international services.

Lloyds Bank

Another member of the UK’s ‘big four’ banks is Lloyds Bank, a well-established institution with roots dating back to 1765. Lloyds Bank offers a variety of current accounts, such as their Classic and Club Lloyds accounts, bolstered by an array of premium and specialist accounts.

For instance, their Silver account—which includes family travel insurance and breakdown cover—could be an appealing choice. There’s also the Platinum account that additionally offers mobile phone insurance. Do note that both these accounts come with a monthly fee.

For the younger demographic, Lloyds Bank offers a Smart Start savings account and a dedicated Student Account. Truly, it’s a bank that caters to a wide array of customer needs.

Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), headquartered in Edinburgh, is another major player in the UK banking scene. As part of the NatWest Group, RBS offers a similar lineup of current accounts as its parent company.

The selection includes the RBS Select Account and RBS Reward Account, along with a basic Foundation Account. They also offer a range of specialized accounts such as Premier accounts with added perks, as well as accounts for students, teenagers, and children. It’s a truly comprehensive bank striving to provide options for every stage of life.

Barclays Bank in Britain

Rounding up the ‘big four’ of UK banks is Barclays, a multinational universal bank with an impressive history dating back to 1690, making it even older than Lloyds Bank.

Barclays offers a plethora of choices for personal banking customers, ranging from current and savings accounts to borrowing options, credit cards, investment and insurance products.

Among the most popular current accounts at Barclays are the standard Barclays Bank Account and the Premier Current Account. If you’re a student, the Student Additions Account might appeal to you. All in all, Barclays is an established and trustworthy option for personal banking in the UK.

Standard Chartered Bank in Britain

Standard Chartered Bank, founded in 1853, is also headquartered in London. It originally launched as the Charted Bank of India, Australia, and China before merging with the Standard Bank of British South Africa.

Operating a robust network of more than 1,200 branches in over 70 countries, it employs over 87,000 workers worldwide.

Santander UK Bank in Britain

Owned by the Spanish Santander Group, Santander UK Bank is a leading player in the UK for mortgage and savings. Established in London on January 11, 2010, the bank has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the top banks in the United Kingdom.

Its success stems from its extensive range of financial and banking services – from mortgage services and various bank accounts to multiple investment opportunities – all accessible conveniently via online banking.


Based in Yorkshire, Halifax is a former building society and is part of the Lloyds Banking Group. It offers everything from current and savings accounts to loans, credit cards and home insurance.

It has a standard Current Account, along with a Reward Current Account and Ultimate Reward Current Account. The latter offers lots of extras, including travel insurance, breakdown cover, home emergency cover and mobile phone insurance – all for a monthly fee.

There’s also a dedicated Student Current Account, and Money Smart Account for 11 to 15-year-olds.

Based in Yorkshire, Halifax is a former building society and is part of the Lloyds Banking Group. It offers everything from current and savings accounts to loans, credit cards and home insurance.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank, As one of the newer high street banks in the UK, operating for 12+ years, it’s made quite an impression.

Metro Bank broad range of services include accounts, savings, borrowing options, mortgages, and insurance products. For managing your daily finances, they offer a Current Account, Cash Account, and even a Foreign Currency Account. It’s a modern, comprehensive banking solution for those living in the UK.


Revolut has made a name for itself in the digital banking landscape. This app-based bank offers a variety of monthly plans — even a free Standard one. Each plan comes with a debit card and basic banking services, and as you opt for pricier plans, you gain access to additional perks and features. It’s a great flexible choice for anyone oriented towards modern, app-based banking.

First Direct

First Direct, an HSBC subsidiary, stands out as a phone and online-based bank with no physical branches. Despite this, it’s widely recognized for its exemplary customer service.

For day-to-day banking, First Direct mainly offers a current account, which also grants you access to a regular saver account. In addition to this, First Direct can assist you with savings, investments, loans, cards, and mortgages. If you’re comfortable with online banking and seek excellent customer service, First Direct could be a splendid choice.

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