Best 10 Hotels in London…Your Full Guide 2023

Are you currently troubled to get the right hotel in London? Are you a tourist that is planning a short visit in London?

Then, this best 10 hotels in London article will be the right answer for you where we already listed the best hotels from London that you can give a try!

Best 10 Hotels in London

About Best 10 Hotels in London

London is a very massive city that almost everyone knows about. It is located in the United Kingdom and also can be considered the heart of the Europe continent. As the capital city of the United Kingdom, it is undoubted that London has a lot of tourists or people who come and go every single day. This place is very dense with people and there are a lot of things going on in this beautiful city.

If you are a tourist that is currently planning to take a visit to London by yourself, with your partner, or with your family, surely staying for one day is not enough to explore the beauty of the city and you should book a hotel to stay for the next couple of days.

In this article, we have listed the 10 best hotels in London that you can choose as a place for you to stay. You can book this hotel directly by coming to the reservation table or booking them from several online hotel booking applications or websites. We will separate them into two parts, the luxury hotels and the ordinary hotels.

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Best 10 Hotels in London: Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are best for you who are visiting London with a great amount of budget because the cost to stay in one of these hotels is expensive. But the hotels are very great for you if you visit London for business purposes. Here they are;

1. Shangri-La The Shard

Surely Shangri-la hotel is listed here as the top 10 hotels in London. Who doesn’t know this hotel? It is spread across many world countries, one of which could be found in London. Shangri-La Hotel is an absolute five stars hotel that offers you the maximum level of comfort when you stay.

They have several types of rooms, suites and connecting rooms that you can rent and the price varies depending on which room you prefer. They also have one restaurant and three bars and lounges which provides British foods with Asian subtle. Apart from that they also have an infinity sky pool, gallery, meeting rooms and many other important facilities.

And if you are wondering about the price, the price may change depending on the room you are looking for and the date that you are going to stay but usually it will cost you start from £700 per night for 1 adult.

Best 10 Hotels in London

2. Sheraton Grand London

Sheraton is also one of the biggest hotel company chains in the world where it has so many hotels that are scattered around strategic cities in the world and one of them is Sheraton Grand London which is located 0.4 miles from Buckingham Palace, a very strategic area for a hotel to be!

This hotel has many types of rooms and suites to customize based on their customers. It also has two restaurants first is an Italian restaurant and the other is The Palm Court Restaurant which both of them offer open buffet breakfast which costs £27.

And if you want to book a room right away, the price in this hotel for one adult and one night start from £598

Best 10 Hotels in London

3. JW Marriott Grosvenor House London

JW Marriott is always considered to be one of the best luxury hotels in the world. One of the Marriott hotels is JW Marriott Grosvenor House London, which is located 0.8 miles from Hyde Park. At this hotel, the price for a single room for one adult starts from £689 per night.

But remembering the services and the facilities that this hotel has, it is worth the cost to stay there for a single night. This hotel has fitness, a business centre, several lounges, bars and restaurants which are very interesting for you!

Best 10 Hotels in London

4. London Marriott Hotel

This hotel is located 0.4 miles from Big Ben, which is very interesting. You can just take a short walk and immediately face the legendary clock tower the UK has. Apart from that, this hotel is also located next to the Rhine river, which makes its beauty increase even more.

London Marriott hotel has several types of rooms depending on your budget and your need, but the basic room in this hotel is more than enough for you to get the maximum level of comfort.

Booking a single room in this hotel will cost you at least 689£ per night.

Best 10 Hotels in London

5. InterContinental London

This five stars hotel is located 0.4 Miles from Buckingham palace. Just took a couple of steps of walking and you will get there immediately the fabulous Buckingham palace. This hotel has three types of rooms, the first one is standard rooms, the second one is executive rooms and the one is suites.

If you are booking the room for tomorrow night, the cost for a cosy room for 1 adult and 1 guest, starts from £756 per night. It is a very good price remembering that this hotel is really beautiful and a luxurious hotel.

Best 10 Hotels in London

Best 10 Hotels in London: Ordinary Hotels

Ordinary hotels don’t mean that they are the least beautiful and luxurious from the list of hotels above. They also have the maximum level of comfort parallel with the cheaper prices they have. If you travel to London and consider your budget as the most important thing in accommodation, then here are the lists of hotels that are friendly to your budget.

6. The Queen’s Gate Hotel

This four stars hotel is located 1.1 miles from Hyde park London, which is located in a very strategic area for tourists. It is a very reputable hotel with a rating of 8.2 from 10 stars in total reviews. In this hotel, everything is complete from A to Z regarding your comfortness.

With the starting price of £128 per night for one room for one adult, it’s a good price for you. Where else in London you can stay in a 4 stars hotel at that kind of price?

Best 10 Hotels in London

7. St Giles London

This hotel is located in Bloomsbury, at the heart of London’s West end is exactly 0.6 miles from Trafalgar Square. You can take a short walk to Trafalgar Square within minutes or you can also walk to Hyde Park if you want to take the fresh air.

To book a single room from this hotel you will need at least £73 for one adult per night.  If you’re wondering about the facilities, don’t worry because they have wide WiFi coverage, a restaurant, a hotel bar and pool and a wide parking area. And by the way, this hotel is a 3 stars hotel anyway!

Best 10 Hotels in London

8. Corus Hyde Park Hotel

The name implies this hotel is close to Hyde Park London, the distance is only 0.2 Miles, and you can see the massive Hyde Park in front of your room’s window. The decoration of this hotel is also very beautiful yet elegant with the ancient Greece-looking lobby room.

The rooms are also very wide and comfortable and also have everything that is supposed to be in a 4 stars hotel room. To book a single room for one adult, it will cost you £99 per night. A very good price still.

Best 10 Hotels in London

9. The Resident Kensington

For you who like to stay in a British-looking hotel, this is the right answer for you. This four-star hotel has a very cosy, British-looking decoration from outdoors or even indoors. From the building, the gate, and the rooms, everything looks very perfect and comfortable.

Of course in this four stars hotel, you will need at least £95 to stay for one night in a single adult room. But it’s a very worthwhile price remembering that you’ll get maximum comfort in this hotel.

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Best 10 Hotels in London

10. The Clermont London

This hotel is very suitable for you who like to hunt elegant, classic and aesthetic-looking hotels. Because whenever you enter the lobby of this hotel you will be mesmerized by its decoration which is very classic, aesthetic, and elegant make this hotel as one of the top ten hotels in London.

Also, this four stars hotel is located in a very strategic area which is only 0.4 miles from Buckingham palace. If you finally want to choose to stay in this hotel for a night in an adult room it will cost you at least £159.

Best 10 Hotels in London

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