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Best 10 Hotels in Manchester…Your Full Guide 2023!

Are you a planning to take a holiday in Manchester and currently quite confused to decide in which hotel you will stay? Well don’t worry mate!

Because on this best 10 hotels in Manchester article, you can have brief information about some hotels there! Read them below!

Best 10 Hotels in Manchester


Manchester is one of the cities that can be found in Great Britain and is mostly known as the place for the most famous international football club, which are Manchester City and Manchester United. The fact that this city has these 2 giant international football clubs, makes this city a lot of tourists that come and go every single time to watch football or even just to take a holiday.

If you’re still quite confused to look for the best place to stay in Manchester in your holiday time, in this article you will find several hotels that may meet your preferences such as budget, comfort and luxury. We separated the menu by the list of luxurious hotels first and below them are the ordinary hotels.

Best 10 Hotels in Manchester; Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels usually have at least 5 stars and mostly their prices are very high parallel with the facilities and services they give to their customers. In Manchester, you can find several of them, here are the lists;

1. The Edwardian Manchester

On the first list of the top 10 hotels in Manchester, we have The Edwardian Manchester. If you’d like to stay in a British-looking hotel in Manchester then you can try this Edwardian Manchester hotel. From the outside, this building has a building character that was built from the Edwardian era.

The fine architecture will spoil your eyes whenever you see this building and stay within it. This hotel is one of the best five stars hotels that you can find in Manchester. İt is located 0.1 miles from the town hall which is a very strategic area for you as a tourist and it is also very accessible with any mode of vehicle you want.

If you’re planning to stay one night here, it will cost you at least £98 for an adult room per night. Of course, there are many types of rooms you can rent, but the basic price is £98. Just like many other five stars hotels, this hotel also has a pool, spa, restaurant and many other important facilities to maximize your comfort. So give it a try then!

2. Stock Exchange Hotel

This hotel also has a very British-looking architecture if you’re looking at it from the outside and very modern-looking rooms whenever you stay inside the hotel. It is also located in a very strategic area which is only 0.2 miles from the city centre and you can access every part of the city you want easily.

At this hotel, by paying at least £105 as an adult, you can stay in a room for a night. This hotel also has a very beautiful spa and that will give you a nice service. The combination of the modern rooms with the cosy and classic-looking buildings they have, will blow your mind and surely increase your travelling experience.

3. Dakota Deluxe Manchester

If you would prefer a modern-looking hotel to stay in, then here is your place. This hotel has a very modern-looking exterior and interior, both of which are the same, and look very sophisticated. The price you will pay for staying a night is at least £105 for a room for an adult and this price also includes free cancellation which is you don’t have to pay any money whenever you want to cancel your booking.

Unfortunately, in this hotel, you cannot find any pool spa nor gym but the other facilities this hotel has will never disappoint you.

4. Citysuites Two Aparthotel

As the name is given, this hotel has several rooms that can also function as an apartment, so there are a lot of things you can do in your room such as hosting guests or even make a little party (if that’s available). This hotel is also located 0.5 miles from the city centre and making it one of the top 10 hotels in Manchester city centre.

It also has a very good location considering you can reach every side of cities within minutes with different modes of transportation. In the room you can choose whether you prefer the queen bed or the king bed, you will get a nice bathroom and its appliance, kitchen and table. This hotel is very nice for a group of tourists that consists of several people. If you’re wondering about the price, the lowest price you can get is £119 for an adult to stay in a room for a night.

Ordinary Hotels

Ordinary hotels are not least beautiful than luxury hotels and they also offer the main purpose of hotels which is to provide you with comforts and a place to charge your energy as a tourist, which we know can be very tiring. The Ordinary hotels’ rooms are also very comfy and have everything you need inside of it, the thing in most ordinary hotels is that they just don’t have gyms or a pool, who needs a pool anyway if you already feel so tired, right?

Here are the lists of ordinary hotels in Manchester:

5. Copthorne Hotel Manchester

Classical and modern styles are combined in this hotel in every corner of its decoration, making it becomes even more glamour. The price that’s offered by this hotel is also very competitive and normal for a 4 stars hotel, which is only £75 for a single room per night. The location is also not very far from Manchester, which is only 2.1 miles!

6. Hallmark Inn Manchester South

This hotel is located 3 miles from Manchester, not a quiet distance area but it’s not close to the city centre of Manchester. To get yourself to several places in Manchester you need to get on vehicles or public transportation. But the thing that makes this hotel great is its price, you can stay for one night by paying at least £42 for an adult room.

And if you are asking that the facilities, don’t worry because this hotel even has bathtubs in their rooms, a great thing to remember is this is just a 3 stars hotel!

7. Park Inn Radisson Manchester City Centre

Located at the heart of Manchester which is only 0.6 miles from the city centre makes this hotel a very good decision for you as a tourist. This four stars hotel also has everything to make your holiday feels greater.

Everything you need they have, such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioner restaurant, pool, spa, hotel bar, or even a gym. And the price they offer you is very competitive, only £87 per night for a room.

8. The Midland

This other four stars hotel also has very complete facilities inside its building. And all the facilities they have look very modern and comfortable with the nicest decoration that will mesmerize your eyes whenever you spend your time resting here.

Its building also looks very classy with the Edwardian era style, with a very good outdoor to take a photo. The price to stay here for a night is £199 per room, a very good price since you’ll get everything you need and want from this hotel.

9. Hotel Football Old Trafford

This hotel May be located at a quiet distance from Manchester which is 2.5 Miles, but the bright side is this hotel is close to the stadium of the famous international football club, that is  Manchester United. This hotel also used to be the place for many famous footballers for staying.

So if you are a fan of the football game and if you want to feel the chemistry of becoming a real football fan, here is the best place. You will need to pay at least £298 per room for one night.

10. Travelodge Manchester Central Arena

At the last list of top ten hotels in Manchester, we have this is a budget-friendly hotel which is very suitable for backpacker tourists that are looking for the most affordable price to stay in Manchester. By paying at least £44 you can stay in a regular room for a night.

But don’t think that you will get a bad quality hotel at this price; instead, you will have a very comfortable room which also looks very modern. This hotel is also very recommended since it’s close to the city centre of Manchester, which is only 0.7 miles from there.

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