Best business energy suppliers comparison sites UK 2023

When it comes to running a business, electricity bills can add up quickly. However, shifting to a better tariff could help you save money. That’s why business energy comparison sites are the way to go to find the ideal suppliers.

There are many commercial gas electricity comparison sites in the UK that let you compare energy prices. But what is the best comparison site for you? Well! This whole guide is to help you answer that question.

Best business energy suppliers comparison sites UK

Best business energy suppliers comparison sites

If finding a new energy provider is a primary concern for your business, these websites can serve you:

  1. Uswitch for business

When you want to compare business electricity suppliers online, this service is the first place to look. USwitch is a free, self reliant service. It assists people with both business gas suppliers comparison prices and electricity, and changing energy providers to save money.

Since 2006, the Ofgem Confidence Code has given USwitch full accreditation. USwitch is among the longest-standing sites that has signed the Ofgem code. Despite the fact that there are many other sites that do the same thing. It is also a major factor in making the prices of gas and electricity clear.

USwitch makes money through business deals with some energy providers. They impose a charge to providers when they transfer customers to them. This lets them offer a free service to customers.

Their business relationships assist in making switching as easy as possible for customers. Moreover, they sometimes let them get deals that customers can’t get directly from the provider.

USwitch tries to compare as many different providers and products available on the market as feasible. But there are times when they can’t include a supplier or a product in their search.

For example, they might not be capable of displaying a supplier’s products. That is if they don’t have a deal with that supplier, or if that supplier doesn’t want to be compared with other providers.

The information they use to figure out your results for their services to switch energy providers comes directly from the suppliers. They keep an eye on all of their suppliers and update their webpage often. That is to make sure that their results are complete and correct.

  1. MoneySuperMarket

MoneySuperMarket says that they are completely independent business energy suppliers comparison service and work only for their clients. They assist you in commercial energy comparison of prices from all of the UK‘s energy providers to locate the best deals.

It doesn’t take long to find a better offer on energy. You just need to answer a few questions. Then you’ll be presented with rates and deals from every major energy provider. They will also show you how much you would save by swapping to each tariff, so you can pick the ideal one for you.

They can show you bargains from all the energy firms on the market. In addition, they assist you change to most of them. Although you can view some of the firms’ bargains in the data table and compare them to all the others, other businesses don’t want to cooperate with them in this way. Thus, MoneySuperMarket won’t let you navigate through to their website.

Overall, they are independent so they can get you the lowest prices and have great technology to detect the most appropriate services and products for you.

  1. Compare The Market

Another well-known company in the compare business electricity suppliers sector that has moved into business, and more especially into business energy, is Compare The Market.

It can be a little hard to find their business energy suppliers comparison services on their site because they are mixed in with the rest of the services for consumers.

Compare The Market says they can save you up to £605, but they don’t quite achieve that target. However, they make up for it by working with a professional, specialized service.

Compare The Market doesn’t do energy comparisons for businesses in-house. Bionic, which is an expert in the field, takes care of it instead. Because of their unique knowledge, their service is arguably of a higher quality.

Even though it might seem Compare The Market has been around for less time than their rivals, they’re still off to a good start. They offer both standard and green business energy.

Customers who like the specific benefits that Compare The Market provides might not be as interested in their business services.

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