Cheap Online Electronics UK

Cheap Online Electronics UK .. Your Full Guide 2023

An extensive guide for buying cheap electronics online in the UK, which includes information on prices, the top electronic stores in the UK to make purchases from, and many additional details!

The electronics industry in Britain is one of the top in the world. It has a large share of the global market in various digital product categories, such as household appliances, specialized data and communication devices, and electronics for cars.

Cheap Online Electronics UK

UK electronics prices

CountryiPhone 13 Pro 128GBSamsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GBSony PlayStation 5Nintendo SwitchLG 55″ OLED Smart TVAverage Price Difference

General Observations

  1. Consistency Across Some Products: The prices of the Sony PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and LG 55″ OLED Smart TV are consistent across all the listed countries. This could suggest standardized pricing from the manufacturers for these products in the European market.
  2. Variable Smartphone Prices: The prices for the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 show more variation. This could be due to different tax rates, import duties, or pricing strategies by Apple and Samsung in different European markets.

Country-Specific Analysis

  • UK (Baseline for Comparison):
    • The UK serves as the baseline for comparison, with an average price difference of 0%.
    • The prices in the UK are neither the highest nor the lowest among the compared countries.
  • France and Spain:
    • Both countries show a very slight average price reduction (-0.4%) compared to the UK.
    • The prices are identical for most products, except for a small difference in the Samsung Galaxy S21.
  • Germany:
    • Germany shows a slightly more significant average price reduction of -0.8% compared to the UK.
    • This is mostly driven by lower prices for the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21.
  • Italy:
    • Italy has slightly higher prices overall, with a +0.6% average price increase.
    • This is primarily due to the higher price of the iPhone 13 Pro.
  • Poland:
    • Poland shows the most significant average price reduction (-8.7%), but this is marked with an asterisk, possibly due to the PlayStation 5 being sold out.
    • Excluding the PlayStation 5, Poland offers the lowest prices for the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21.
  • Czechia:
    • Czechia also has a notable average price reduction (-3.4%), with the asterisk likely due to the PlayStation 5 being sold out.
    • The prices for the remaining products are similar to those in Germany.

Best Cheap online Electronics UK stores

Just like always, we have put in a lot of effort to find the best online shopping sites for electronics in the UK.


Amazon is a famous online shopping platform in the UK that offers a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, and rare items. Customers can explore product information, reviews, and zoomed-in images.

While not exclusively focused on selling electronics in the UK, Amazon is considered one of the leading websites for purchasing electronics. It is also the top performer in terms of revenue among all electronics sellers. When shopping on Amazon, it is advisable to search for deals like free shipping and discount coupons to save on your purchase.


Originally a PC store, Currys has expanded to become one of the biggest online retailers in the UK, offering a diverse selection of products including refrigerators, mobile PCs, gaming devices, TVs, laptops, and more.

Currys has an online store as well as a physical store where customers can enjoy free home delivery and the convenience of reserving items online and picking them up in-store. Known for their expertise in computers, electronics, technology, and consumer electronics, Currys consistently ranks among the top 10 online shopping sites in the UK for electronics.

If you want to limit your choices when shopping, Currys is a great option as they specialize in electronics and home appliances. You won’t find many other items there to distract you from your shopping. Moreover, they provide excellent deals and discounts.


Jessops is a top-rated online store in the UK that offers a wide range of professional-grade photographic equipment such as cameras, lenses, tripods, and other related items.

In addition to selling new items, they also sell used items that are in equivalent quality and can be purchased at a significantly lower price. Jessops provides free shipping for orders that exceed £50.


Laptops Direct, a division of Appliances Direct, offers a diverse range of laptops, including both new and used options, along with peripherals and accessories. It is recommended to check out their refurbished items on their website, which can perform like new but are significantly cheaper, up to 60% lower than original prices.


Appliances Direct is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of household appliances including refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and microwaves.

Appliances Direct provides a convenient and efficient way to shop for electronics and home appliances in the UK. Visit their homepage to discover great deals on a variety of products.


Electrical Discount UK is a popular online electronics shopping site in the UK for buying home appliances.

They consistently offer great deals and free shipping on all orders. If you’re searching for affordable electronics online in the UK or discounted out-of-production items, make sure to check out their “Clearance” section.


Novatech is a top electronic store in the UK that provides a wide range of products for building your own computer, including computer parts and accessories. They also offer a variety of pre-built devices to suit different budgets.

Novatech provides free delivery for orders over £50 and lifetime support for all their products, which is highly advantageous. Take a look at their “Deals” category to find out if any of their featured items are currently discounted.


If you have been searching for a platform to purchase and sell items, eBay UK is the perfect solution for you.

eBay is the second largest online site in the UK. It all started in 1999. eBay is a good place to find great deals and discounted items.

The platform is a highly popular website in the UK, functioning as both an auction site and an online shopping site. It offers a wide range of items for both genders.

Wholesale in The UK

Numerous clothing suppliers in the UK offer high-quality and appealing clothing at discounted rates.

This post provides a list of UK websites where you can buy wholesale clothing online.

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