Cheapest places to live UK .. Your full guide 2023

The UK is a great place for many things. It has great universities and historic places. If you’re visiting for a long time or you’re just a citizen that’s looking for the cheapest place to live UK, this article is for you!

The UK is an expensive country to live in. The cost of living is high and the wages are low. That’s why many people are looking for cheaper places to live in the UK.

cheapest places to live in UK

Best cheapest places to live UK

We have made a great list of the most affordable places to live in the UK.

County Durham

England’s Durham is a well-liked and among the most affordable places to live in England. It’s also one of the cheapest cities to buy a house in the UK. For students, Durham is the most affordable city to reside in England. There are many reputable universities and law schools in Durham.

Here, it’s affordable to live, eat, and have fun. A 1BHK (1 bedroom, a hall, and a kitchen) flat typically costs £360 outside of the city and £650 inside. The average monthly cost for utilities is £235. The cost of the monthly travel pass is £55.


Belfast is a reasonably priced location for students. Nearly £400 for a 1 BHK flat in the city center and £280 outside. There are several low-cost food stores, laser surgery centers, Buba eateries, etc. 

The entire city is connected by bus and metro services. The Belfast airport offers a wide variety of automobile rental services. A monthly travel pass costs £58 and is available for a whole day ticket price of £6.50.


Another one of the most affordable places to live in the UK is Leicester. A 1BHK flat typically costs £535 outside of the city and £730 inside. Utilities cost the average person around £112 per month. Students from other countries can get a residence for £83 per week.

Transportation options in this city are affordable. The price of the student pass is £29. Costs for entertainment and meals are very reasonable. Since Leicester is among the safest places in the UK to reside, it’s on top of the “nicest cheapest places to live UK” list.

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