Selling Clothes Online UK .. Your Full Guide 2023

Clean out your closet and sell your clothes online in the UK. This will help you deal with the rising prices and make some money by giving your clothes to someone else who will love and use them.

Selling clothes online in the UK is like being in a big race with lots of other people. Everyone wants to have their own piece of the pie and be successful. To do well, you have to be unique and offer something special that makes people want to buy from you instead of someone else.

selling clothes online UK

Comparing Platforms For Selling Clothes Online In The UK

In this table, I tried to compare main platforms in the UK that you can sell clothes online on, i have included fees, payment process and all other details for you.

PlatformFeesPayment ProcessBest For
Depop10% commission on salesPayment processed through Depop, seller paid immediatelyCasual/vintage clothing, simple setup
VintedNo selling fees, buyer pays commissionPayment processed through Vinted, seller paid after deliveryFast sales of common brands, local buyers
eBayInsertion fees + 10% commission on salesVarious payment options, seller paid after transactionAuctions, diverse inventory, wide reach
PrelovedNo feesArrange payment with buyer directlyFree local classifieds, building relationships
Rebelle£15 per item sold feeRebelle handles payment after deliveryDesigner/luxury brands, authentication
ASOS MarketplaceSubscription fees + commission on salesASOS handles payment after deliveryEstablished brands, access to ASOS customers
Vestiaire Collective£13-25% commission on sales over £130Payment after authentication and deliveryDesigner/luxury brands, authentication
Thrift+No fees, but quality screeningThrift+ handles payment after saleConvenience, sustainability, high-end brands

Best places for selling clothes online UK


Simplify your closet and make money by selling your clothes online in the UK. Adapt to rising prices and earn some extra cash by finding new owners for your clothing items.

Depop allows sellers to list their products without any advertising fees. However, the platform takes a 10% commission from the final sale price. Sellers have the freedom to set their own prices and receive immediate payment once their items are sold.

The app looks similar to Instagram and allows users to upload square pictures of their items for sale. It is important to provide a thorough description of the item’s condition and features when selling something.

You can sell a wide range of items from your wardrobe on this platform, but popular items include high street clothing that is no longer available in stores and vintage pieces.


Vinted is a popular platform in the UK for buying and selling second-hand clothes, offering an advantage over other platforms like Depop and eBay by not charging any selling fees.

Instead of taking a commission from the seller’s selling price, Vinted charges the buyer a fee based on the item’s price. This means that as a seller, you get the full amount of money for your product. Vinted also does not charge a commission on the buyer’s shipping costs, which the buyer has to pay for.


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