Cricket..Your full Guide 2023

The rules also dictate how many overs are played in an innings, as well as how many legal deliveries can be bowled in an over. All of these rules are important to understand before playing or watching cricket.

Equipment Used in Cricket

Cricket requires a wealth of specialized equipment in order to ensure the safety of the players and guarantee optimal performance.

This includes protective gear such as helmets and pads for batsmen and wicket-keepers, as well as a bat, crafted from special wood with a handle on top for control.

The regulation cricket ball is between 22.4 and 22.9 centimetres in circumference, depending on the age of the participants.

Finally, cricket whites are baggy trousers, typically white in colour, which ensure freedom of movement and comfort while batting or bowling. With all this equipment in place, cricket can be a safe and entertaining game for everyone to enjoy.

Types of Shots Played in Cricket

In cricket, there are a variety of shots that can be played depending on the line and length of the ball. Some of the most common shots include the drive, cut, glance, sweep and pull shots.

These shots are all played to the offside of the pitch. Additionally, many batsman have unique styles and techniques that make their shots look different than other players.

For example, Virat Kohli is well known for his textbook shots and AB Devilliers is known for his unorthodox cricket shots. No matter what style a player has or what kind of shot they play, every batsman has their own unique identity on the pitch and as such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to playing cricket.

Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is the premier international tournament for the sport of one-day international cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) runs it, and teams from all over the world compete in it.

The first World Cup was held in 1975 and has since been held every four years. The tournament features a round-robin format, with each team playing every other team once, followed by a knockout stage. The current champions are England, who won the 2019 edition of the tournament.

The 2022 edition of the tournament will be hosted by India, with matches scheduled to take place in various cities across the country. Fans from around the world will be eagerly awaiting this exciting event and can purchase tickets from official websites or other sources.

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