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Ecco Shoes In The UK – This comprehensive guide covers the popular Danish shoe brand Ecco and their stylish, comfortable footwear. Discover Ecco’s history, key features, extensive range of shoes for men, women, and kids, where to buy from stores to online outlets, and Ecco’s reputation in the UK market for innovative comfort technologies and quality materials. Learn all about this leading shoe brand loved by customers across the UK.

Ecco is one of the most popular and recognizable shoe brands in the UK and around the world. The Danish company has built a reputation for producing comfortable, stylish, and innovative footwear using cutting-edge technology and quality materials. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Ecco shoes and their popularity in the UK market.

Overview of Ecco Shoes

History of Ecco

Karl Toosbuy established Ecco in Bredebro, Denmark in 1963. The company started out producing shoes with a direct-injection process that bonded the upper and sole together without stitching. This innovative technique created flexible, lightweight and comfortable shoes without compromising on quality. Ecco pioneered the use of man-made soles as an alternative to leather. Over the decades, the company has continued to innovate in comfort technologies and shoe construction.

Key features of Ecco shoes

Some standout features of Ecco shoes include:

  • Comfort – Ecco shoes use molded anatomical footbeds and advanced cushioning systems for all-day comfort.
  • Quality – Only top grade leathers and materials are used in construction.
  • Lightweight – Direct injection process results in very lightweight shoes.
  • Flexible – The soles are designed to flex naturally with the foot.
  • Innovative – Ecco utilizes the latest technologies like Gore-Tex and anti-bacterial treatments.
  • Variety – Shoes come in lots of styles from athletic to dressy.

Range of Ecco shoes available in the UK

Ecco offers an extensive range of men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes in the UK market.

Casual shoes

This includes sleek sneakers, laidback plimsolls, stylish lace-ups and slip-ons ideal for everyday wear. Some popular casual styles are the Ecco Soft VII and Ecco Exostrike.

Formal shoes

Ecco’s formal range includes smart oxfords, loafers, monk straps and lace-ups for work and special occasions. The Kent and New Jersey styles are much-loved dress shoes.

Sport shoes

Ecco is renowned for its comfortable and flexible sports shoes designed for walking, hiking, golf and other athletic pursuits. Top models are the Ecco BIOM and Ecco Biom Hybrid.

Where to buy Ecco shoes in the UK?

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