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Online jewellery UK .. Your full guide 2022

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Jewellery is one of the few things that can go beyond time and fashion. Do yourself a favour and discover jewellery sellers online in the UK. Discover the glamorous collections of Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings.

No matter if you like silver or gold, pearls or diamonds, a good piece of jewelry can make a statement on its own or level up your best outfit.

online jewellery UK

Best 6 online jewellery UK


Innovation label Missoma is one of our absolute favorite places selling jewellery online UK out there. The specialists in demi-fine jewels provide pieces that are both dainty and vintage-inspired, and you can be certain that you will treasure them. 

You can discover thick chains, layering sets, customizable pendants, ear sets, statement rings, and much more at this store. It is famous for having some of the most desirable designs. The firm also has an ongoing partnership with blogger Lucy Williams, which features coin necklaces, chokers, and retro hoops. This collaboration has been extremely successful.

Blue Nile

Our readers would already know how much we appreciate Blue Nile. Blue Nile is the best place to buy jewelry online in the UK if you like a wide range of styles. So, Blue Nile’s website also has some of the best-known brand names and fashion jewelry. Looking for perfect engagement rings online UK on a budget? This is your place.

Also, Blue Nile jewelry Canada has a great selection of both cheap jewelry like necklaces and bracelets and more expensive pieces that can cost thousands of dollars. It offers amazing  diamond rings online uk. Blue Nile sells high-quality items at prices that aren’t too high.

Compare some of their products to those of some of the best-known retailers. For example, the Blue Nile stunner was almost 60% less expensive than the best Zale’s had to offer, but it was just as good. It’s the best online diamond store UK.

Astrid & Miyu

If you like to wear a lot of jewelry at once and have a joyful, modern look, you’ll enjoy shopping at Astrid & Miyu, a fun, young British brand that celebrities and Fashion bloggers love.

This is not the place to buy one-of-a-kind pieces, but to mix and match. The brand is widely famous for its layering collections, where you wear numerous pieces at the same time.

The modern stacking aesthetic is one you’ll appreciate, and there are plenty of pieces in various sizes and shapes to look at. There are hundreds of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that go together or don’t. The best part is that the jewelry is very cheap. Prices start at less than £20.

Daisy London

Daisy London is a jewelry designer who makes affordable pieces that aren’t just pretty to look at, but are also made with concerns in mind. Each collection has a different spiritual element and a different wellness focus in mind. This brand is one of the best ones selling handmade jewellery online UK.

For example, there’s the good karma collection for good luck and positive vibes, which is full of delicate jewelry with symbols like evil eyes, wishbones, and peace signs. There’s also the healing stone collection, which uses seven crystal gemstones to make beautiful pieces that have different effects, like boosting confidence or creativity.

The website’s descriptions are amazing in how detailed they are. There are interesting descriptions of what each piece means, which makes this brand a great place to look for thoughtful gifts.

Loel & Co

Loel & Co. is a small, family-run business that has been around since 2006. It sells handpicked jewelry from all over Italy. Its classics will always be a favorite.

Loel & Co is an independent jewelry brand that was a mother who has always had a good eye for design and a passion for fabulous jewelry established.

Together, the founders go all over Italy looking for distinctive pieces made by hands they appreciate. Their goal is simple: to pick jewelry that they would enjoy wearing themselves.

By building long term connections with the best artisans in Italy, they are able to bring you a carefully chosen collection of designs that will make you look and feel great each day. If you’re looking to buy gold chain online UK, you can’t go wrong with Loel & Co.


Wondering where to buy engagement ring online uk that’s extremely super-duper fancy? There’s only one answer for that. Bulgari! 

Sotirio Bulgari, a talented Greek silversmith, started the company in Rome in 1884. The brand quickly became known for its high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful jewelry designs, which made it a symbol of Italian excellence.

Over the years, the people who worked at Bulgari created a unique style with bright color combinations, perfectly balanced volumes, and clear designs that pay homage to the company’s Roman roots.

Bulgari has always been proud of its cultural history, but it has also made changes that changed the rules of the jewelry world and started new trends that have become icons of modern design.

Even though Bulgari is in charge of most of the design, production, and marketing, it does sometimes collaborate with other brands. For example, Bulgari eyewear is made through a licensing agreement with Luxottica. 

Additionally, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, a selection of properties and resort destinations all over the globe, was launched in 2001 through a joint venture between the company and Marriott International.

Bulgari is a good brand of jewelry that keeps its value. Next time you buy diamond ring online uk from Bulgari consider it a lifetime investment.The Italian jeweler is one of the most famous in the world, and many famous people wear their jewelry around their necks and wrists.

 The brand has been known for its high style and even higher value for more than a hundred years. Don’t forget to check the diamonds online UK collection.


In 1847, Louis-François Cartier, a master jeweler, started the Cartier company in Paris. From the start, the brand was aimed at the wealthiest people in society. Cartier brought his son, Alfred, and his grandchildren, Louis, Pierre, and Jacques, into the business a few decades after he started it.

These additions opened up new possibilities in terms of both the products they offered and their ability to grow internationally. In 1899, Cartier opened a new store on the famous Rue de la Paix in Paris. Business was good, so the store was there to stay.

It would later become Cartier’s home and the place where the three Cartier brothers planned their growth. At this point, however, there were no luxury watches on offer.

Three years after World War I began, in 1917, Cartier came out with the famous Cartier Tank. Today, this watch is always thought of when the name Cartier comes up. The French Renault FT17 tank, seen from above, was a model for how it was made.

Even though the shape is mostly square, Louis Cartier gave it a rectangular shape by adding two vertical sidebars called “brancards.” It also gives the Tank its unique look and makes it possible for the bracelet to be built in.

It has come to define Cartier design when paired with a cream-colored dial and black Numerals. There are seven watch arrays for both men and women in Cartier’s line-up today. There are Tank, Santos, and Ronde watches for both men and women.

Cartier’s popularity has only grown in the last 20 years, and their watches are getting more and more unique. In 2002, the Roadster came out, and in 2007, the Ballon Bleu. In 2007, the Santos and Tank collections got bigger, and in 2016, the Drive collection came out.

Want to show your future wife some appreciation and pampering? Buy wedding rings online UK from cartier and make it a lifetime gift.

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