Secondhand Furniture online UK

Secondhand Furniture online UK .. Your Full Guide

Choosing to spruce up my home with secondhand furniture from UK online stores really saved me a lot of money. I scoured the internet and found top-notch outlets for pre-loved furnishings.

Opting for secondhand furniture in the UK is truly a fantastic way to snag cheap but quality furniture. What’s even better, it’s not just about buying, but you can also sell unwanted pieces!

Best secondhand furniture UK

  1. eBay

I quickly learned that landing a good deal on used furniture in London needs a lot of patience and effort. My go-to is always eBay but beware, it’s filled with a lot of junk too! The key is in carefully filtering the search to “used” and using as specific terms as possible.

Sure, you can personally pick up some items but mostly, they’ll be shipped by a courier at an extra cost. I noticed some items have a “Buy Now” option while for others, you need to place a bid.

  1. Etsy

I discovered that most folks tend to underestimate Etsy if they don’t use it often. In my experience, it’s usually the shoppers that award it a full five-star rating. It initially began with small handmade items but has since progressed rapidly.

In my view, Etsy is possibly the most flexible marketplace for used furniture in the UK. Besides buying all sorts of new and vintage furniture or home decor, you can also find someone to personalize a piece just for you.

And the uniqueness doesn’t end there. As well as offering handmade items, Etsy has a knack for repurposed furniture. It’s incredible to see how an old wardrobe or a simple board can be transformed into something striking!

  1. Vinterior

I stumbled upon this online shop that specializes in secondhand furniture in the UK. I was intrigued by its emphasis on vintage and antique furniture while catering for various styles and budgets. What I found cool is that all the items are sold by independent sellers.

To find that perfect piece for my home, I could either buy from their meticulously curated collections or tailor my search results by designer, color, design, materials, or even era.

What’s more, Vinterior boasts more than 25 different styles, from British, French, Italian, and Chinese antiques to Mid-Century, Art Deco, Retro, Modern Scandinavian, Bauhaus, Boho, and Rustic. It’s quite the treasure trove!

  1. Pamono

I came across Pamono, a unique online store and magazine that sells preloved furniture in the UK. They focus on distinctive design pieces and the stories behind them.

I was pleasantly surprised that they source antique and modern furniture, lighting, accessories, and even artisanal crafts from a well-selected array of world galleries, stores, editors, and designers. While none of their items are run-of-the-mill or mass-produced, they assure that there’s something for every taste.

Be it vintage sideboards, stylish Danish armchairs, or even old cinema seats and school benches, you can find an array of vintage items. It’s pretty convenient having everything under one roof on a user-friendly site.

In my opinion, Pamono is the perfect spot to find authentic collectibles from renowned designers. Although they offer various price ranges, it’s certainly a site geared towards those with a good understanding of design and an eye for high-quality, well-preserved pieces.

  1. Retrouvius

In the realm of home decor, Retrouvius is practically a pillar. It’s a unique refurbished furniture and fittings business that a husband and wife duo founded in 1993.

They have designed interior projects and a new build house to showcase their philosophy of re-use, they have published a book, and most recently, they designed a show apartment with Bella Freud for the former BBC Television Centre. 

They’re experts in their field and likely have access to any product you would need. You may find a bunch of distinctive items on their website, like sash windows, antique medicine cabinets, stone fireplace surrounds, wooden doors, vintage glass pendants, and more. You can use it to be a little more creative with your used furniture.

  1. Selency

In my quest for used furniture, I discovered Selency, a secure community platform specializing in hand-picked interior design accents and used furniture. I was assured of the quality because they authenticate all items and verify all listings for consistent shipping options.

Co-founders Maxime and Charlotte aim to “celebrate the joy of buying and selling on the vintage marketplace and customizing your home to match your unique style.” They liken their site to “the Far Bay of decoration.”

In addition to mid-century designs, I found more unique, smaller items like Persian rugs, fluted glass jars, crystal carafes, and lots of vintage lighting. Good news is, they now offer delivery of secondhand furniture online in the UK and even extend a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Preloved

Preloved caught my eye as an online platform where individuals can list and sell their gently used items, including furniture and homewares. Though it requires a bit of digging, there are some truly great deals to be found. I’d recommend anyone searching for secondhand furniture in London to check out Preloved.

  1. 1st Dib

The online thrift store, 1st Dibs, is celebrated for bringing the antique market into the 21st century. Though it’s a business founded by today’s top designers, their designs have an old, vintage charm.

They offer furniture by a curated selection of respected designers, both past and present. If you’re seeking a Craigslist-like service, you might need to look elsewhere.

Though 1st Dibs isn’t known for its cheap bargains, it holds a strong reputation for offering top-notch luxury items at fair prices. They exclusively handle high-end merchandise and are known for selling authentic, unique furniture pieces.

  1. TheOldCinema

TheOldCinema, nestled in a historic movie theatre in Chiswick, West London, is a gem for antique furniture. Now, they’ve expanded to online shopping, offering their expansive inventory of decorative arts, vintage furniture, lighting, gifts, and art. It’s a true hot-spot for unique finds!

  1.  Sotheby’s Home

Viyet has always been a go-to site for buying thrift store furniture online. They later rebranded to Sotheby’s Home, a homage to their mother’s store, Sotheby’s, and on this platform, you can save up to 80% compared to retail pricing.

Yes, this is the same Sotheby’s renowned for exquisite jewels and based in New York. Given their solid reputation, it’s hard not to check them out.

On Sotheby’s Home, you can sell your own furniture as it operates as a consignment store. The application process is simple but they maintain strict standards, which makes shopping there all the more enjoyable.

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