Public transportation in Birmingham

Public transportation in Birmingham .. Buses, Taxis, Trams and more 2023

Public transportation in Birmingham is an important part of life in the English city. It offers a way to get around the city and connect with other people. The city has a variety of different options for public transportation, including buses, trolleys, Taxis and trains.

With Alfie Solomns (The character from Peaky Blinders) famous quote; “I’ve heard very bad, bad bad things about you Birmingham people.”, he didn’t seem to like Birmingham as much as we do! 

Public transportation in Birmingham

Buses in Birmingham

If you don’t prefer driving, buses are a good substitute to get around Birmingham. Buses in Birmingham connect between various areas and connect the towns and cities around to Birmingham as well.

According to wikipedia, buses makeup 84% of the public transport use. A one-day pass usually costs around 4.8 & 4.2 pounds for adults and times of less demand respectively. 

In the West Midlands,there are around 50 different operators of local bus services. Moreover, there isn’t a bus station, although there are many buses serving the Birmingham City Centre. 

Buses stop at bus stops on roads encircling the city centre and are given codes assigned by area.

Some operators, though, provide travel hubs at places where other transportation means meet to make it easier to change from one transportation to the other, such as Transport For West Midlands.

Further, local buses provide facilities for easy accessibility to wheelchair and pushchair users such as low floors. There’s a pass for disabled people that should be applied for that enables them free access to buses and trams.

Lastly, if you need to get on or off a bus in Birmingham, you can’t call for it. Instead, you need to get on board or get off the bus only at the official bus stops.

Birmingham bus schedule

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