Public transportation in Manchester

Public Transportation in Manchester .. Buses, Taxis and Trams 2023

Public transportation is an essential part of life in Manchester because it allows people to get around and connect with one another. The city provides a variety of public transportation options.

Manchester has an abundance of and dependable public transportation. The Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) system connects the city’s core to its outskirts via tram, bus, and train lines.

Public transportation in Manchester

Buses in Manchester

Buses are an important part of public transportation in Manchester, and they are also a good alternative to driving if you do not enjoy driving.

Greater Manchester has a massive bus network operated by Transport for Greater Manchester, which includes one of the most extensive night bus services outside of London.

Bus companies in Greater Manchester include Arriva, Diamond, First Bus, Go North West, and Stagecoach.

How to buy a bus ticket in Manchester?

1- On board

Pay the bus driver for single, return, saver, and “smart” travelcards, as well as System One tickets for use on buses, trams, and trains.

Although the driver will usually be able to give you change, if you are paying with cash, try to have the correct amount on hand.

On many buses today, you can pay with contactless cards and devices, but you should check the websites of the bus companies before you travel, including Arriva, Diamond, First Bus, Go North West and Stagecoach.

2- Online

On the websites of bus companies like Arriva, Diamond, First Bus and Stagecoach, you may purchase season tickets or a variety of saver tickets that offer you access to multiple daily trips.

Visit to purchase bundled bus and tram tickets.

3- Smartphone and mobile device apps

Several bus company apps allow you to buy multi-trip saver tickets, seven-day, 28-day, or annual season tickets.

4- TfGM Travelshops

Purchase bus, train, and tram tickets, as well as student and youth tickets.

System One travelcards are available for 7-day, 28-day, and annual use, as are National Express coach tickets, Metrolink tram season passes, and Wayfarer tickets.

Click the link to find the nearest TfGM Travelshop to you.

5- PayPoint

Hundreds of neighborhood shops, convenience stores, newsstands, and gas stations in Greater Manchester are PayPoint outlets and display the PayPoint sign. You can use this location to pay for a variety of items, including plane tickets.

Purchase bus, train, and tram tickets such as System One travelcards for 7 or 28 days, Metrolink tram season tickets, and Wayfarer tickets.

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