Online toys UK .. Your full guide 2023

Online toys UK offers a diverse range of products such as dolls, board games, and action figures.

Youngsters living in the UK, this one’s for you! We found great online toys retailers UK that care deeply to offer the little ones joy-filled toys that help them learn while having fun.

Best online toys UK stores

If it’s a hassle for you to visit toy stores, buy toys online in the UK and save on some gas.

  1. Hamleys

The Hamleys’ journey actually started in Cornwall, England, with a man by the name of William Hamley. William had always wanted to open a toy store, so he did so in 1760. Little had he realized that it would grow to be one of the leading childrens toys online in UK and the world.

The store was so well-liked that a new location in Regent Street opened in 1881. The store was to meet the rapidly expanding demand for the beloved fun, magic, and theater of Hamleys.

Hamleys expanded with five additional stories of toys! Imagine the scenery as pedal vehicles, puppets, tiny railroad trains, and toy theaters compete for space in the biggest toy store in the world.

Hamleys evolved into the famous landmark it is today in London. Millions of kids have visited from around the world. Hamleys desire in 1760 was to bring toys and delight to the youngsters of Cornwall.

Hamleys is on top of our list for a reason. With toys r us online shopping UK not being back yet, Hamleys is currently a big whale in the industry.

Today, Hamleys is still located at 188–196 Regent Street in London, England, the store’s well-known address. “”The Finest Toy Shop ” in the World welcomes you inside its doors to a world filled with entertainment, magic, and theater. 

Children can be heard laughing eagerly over the bleeping, whizzing, and chiming of toys as they explore and play on the seven floors of amazing toys and games. If you don’t have time to go to the store, you can just buy from hamleys online uk website.

  1. The toy

When the owners, Gary and Catherine, acquired the Pram and Toy Bar in May 1981, The Entertainer got its start. When the first shop opened, Catherine also worked as a nurse full-time. Gary and Catherine saw a potential to redefine the store into a place where kids and adults alike would enjoy. They wanted it to be a place to discover something to “Entertain” their time.

Gary hired his first workers when the potential of expansion became a reality. Some of them are still working there now. They are in charge of their New Store Development Team. In June 1985, they opened a second location in Beaconsfield. As they say, the rest is history.

They are a distinctive retail business, similar to a signature that cannot be imitated. Their ideal is the wonder-filled childhood of every kid. Being the best online toy shop UK is their goal.. They enjoy providing exceptional service and making memories. Do you have any memories of going to a toy store as a kid? Hopefully, you still have those memories.

  1. Bargain Max

BargainMax toy shop UK is a popular online store for kids toys. They have a huge range of toys. There is something for everyone at Bargain Max! They believe in providing quality toys and games to kids at affordable prices. 

Attending a friend’s son’s birthday and need a perfect gift for the occasion? Are you going to a babyshower but it’s the end of the month and you’re low on budget? BargainMax has got your back for sure!

Children of all ages may find cheap toys, games, and kids’ home goods at BargainMax is your one-stop shop for all things kid-related thanks to their incredible selection of Baby Toys, Action Toys, Dolls, Doll Playsets, and Outdoor Toys!

  1. Toy Street

Toy Street, a UK-based online shop, may not be as well-known as Hamleys, but it is swiftly growing in popularity among parents in the UK and across the globe. Toy Street offers international shipping to many nations, including Australia and Albania, with typical delivery times of three to nine days. In addition, Toy Street and wicked uncle toys are two of the few online toy stores that gift wrap in the UK.

  1. BrightMinds

Alison Quill, a science teacher who quit her job because she felt constrained by the National Curriculum, is the creator of BrightMinds. She says, “It became teaching by recipe, but I wanted to ignite that flame in kids’ imaginations.”

In order to locate the greatest educational toys available for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, Alison used her years of successful teaching experience.

Alison employed all of the senses in her scientific lessons as a teacher to appeal to each child’s unique learning style, and BrightMinds still looks for that in the toys they sell. This store became one of the best online toy stores in the UK for educational toys.

In recent years, she has expanded the selection to include more wooden toys, sustainable toys, and a wide variety of kids books to help guarantee that your child receives the extra assistance they need with their schoolwork and to make learning enjoyable.

Each possible product is examined and put to the test to determine its quality. It must allow children to be creative and develop their talents at their own pace in a laid-back and enjoyable style in order for it to pass muster with parents. This fosters a nurturing environment, which is the finest setting for kids to learn, develop, and find their life’s calling.

  1. Lego

You can still shop for LEGOs if there isn’t a brick-and-mortar store nearby by buying from the lego store UK online. Even if you live in Australia or Austria, you can purchase the newest LEGO sets from because LEGO ships internationally. You can also find LEGO products on websites like Amazon online shopping UK toys. They sell lego online UK with affordable prices.

  1. Disney

The Disney store should be one of your first stops while looking for toys. Action figures, dolls, and souvenirs can be found here, along with apparel and accessories modeled from your favorite films and TV shows. Do you want an Elsa from Frozen doll or a Minnie Mouse backpack? then immediately visit

  1. Kids Stuff Toys

There are currently four generations working for the family-run enterprise Kids Stuff.

When Debbie Hartfield, the “owner,” was seeking for a toy in her hometown in 1988, she was dissatisfied with the selection that was offered to her. After 30 years, there are currently 8 outlets spread out across Sussex and Kent. 

Additionally, they have a strong online presence that covers the entire country thanks to their webpage and other social networks. They are a part of the Toymaster organization. But the family doesn’t stop there; they are also members of the marketing committee and the board of directors.

The buying staff at Kids Stuff encourages customer participation in the toy selection process in order to provide their clients with the best products at competitive pricing. Several team members have taken part in various aspects of this, including the Catalog Selection Committee and the Association of Toy Retailers.

Kids Stuff has received six national and two regional nominations for toy store of the year. They have locations in Chichester, Eastbourne, Eastbourne, Putney, Burgess Hill, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield, Bognor Regis, and Burgess Hill.

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