Top 10 Theatres in London … Your Full Guide 2023

The best theatres in London are cultural institutions in their own right. In the city’s West End, there are hundreds of world-class theaters where you may see high-production shows with A-list artists. If you want to see a variety of acts, from plays and dance to opera and classical music, this is the place to go. Popular performances sell out quickly, so you’ll need to be flexible with your dates and hours if you want to watch a concert in London.

In London, you can see a fantastic show at a famous theater or an equally good production at a fringe theater. Small theater companies put on productions that are more intimate than those found in the West End’s larger theatres. Whatever your taste, one of London’s top theaters has a show for you.

Theatres in London

Best Theatres in London

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe is an accurate replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where tourists can view the Bard’s works in an ambience reminiscent of their 16th-century debuts. When it comes to performing Shakespeare’s works, this Shakespeare-only theater is often regarded as the best in the city.

Shakespeare’s Globe is a reproduction of the Globe Theatre, however it cannot accommodate the same number of people as the original. The event’s initial capacity of 3,000 has been reduced to 1,400 due to enhanced safeguards. This theater is located on the south bank of the Thames, near the Millennium Bridge.

Telephone+44 (0)2079 021400

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House hosts performances of plays, operas, and ballets by some of the world’s most recognized artists. Every year, there are numerous shows to pick from, many of which are based after historical events.

Despite the fact that the architecture and the performances tend to invoke thoughts of high society and historical wealth, the theatre itself is highly welcoming to people from all walks of life. Although there is no strict dress code, you should wear whatever makes you feel most at ease while yet keeping to accepted standards of decency. This theater is a short walk east of the Covent Garden train station.

Telephone : +44 (0)2072 401200

Young Vic

The Young Vic is a theater for the performing arts that strives to make theater available to as wide an audience as possible by keeping ticket prices low. As a member of Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre, it earned a reputation for providing high-quality performances at low prices.

The new theater’s thrust stage design and 420 seats make for a more intimate and relaxed theatrical experience. There will be a wide range of presentation styles, from revivals of classics to brand new works. From London Waterloo East, it’s only a short stroll away.

Telephone+44 (0)2079 222922

Sadler’s Wells

With over 300 years in existence, Sadler’s Wells has established itself as the world’s finest dance theater. This theater, which is one of the most known production companies in the world, also produces the most new works in the world. Since 2005, more than 170 new dance works have launched on stages around the world. You can get a taste of it all just south of Angel Station, near the northern edge of Clerkenwell.

Telephone+44 (0)2078 638000

National Theatre

The National Theatre, also known as the Royal National Theatre, is one of London’s most well-known performing facilities, with three theaters. The Olivier Theatre, named after the great Laurence Olivier, the theater’s inaugural artistic director, is the first. It was inspired by the theater at Epidaurus and can accommodate a total of 1,100 people. The Lyttelton Theatre, which seats 890 people and has a proscenium arch design, is also available. The Dorfman Theatre, with a capacity of 400 people, is the smallest of the three. Southbank, which is located past the Waterloo Bridge, provides access to everything.

Opening HoursMost shows begin at 7 pm

Telephone+44 (0)2074 523060


The Barbican is a theater complex that hosts not only live performances but also film screenings and historical and contemporary art exhibits. There are performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the London Philharmonic Orchestra there. In addition to its theater attractions, it boasts a library, various interesting restaurants, and a conservatory. You can see it all for yourself at the Barbican estate in London’s financial sector.

Opening Hours Monday–Friday from 11 am to 7 pm, Saturday–Sunday from noon to 7 pm

Telephone+44 (0)2076 384141

London Coliseum

The London Coliseum is the city’s largest and most ornate theater, holding the best opera and ballet performances. Within, there are 2,359 seats, allowing audiences to experience enormous and outstanding concerts. The building is luxurious, with the city’s widest proscenium arch and a triple spinning stage that is rarely used. With the exception of the Top Circle, all levels of seating are accessible by elevator. All the activity is only a short walk from Leicester Square Station, in the heart of Covent Garden.

Opening Hours: Monday–Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (closed on weekends)

Telephone +44 (0)2078 459300

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is a year-round outdoor facility that hosts a variety of concerts and plays. More than 1,200 people may attend performances here, making it one of the country’s largest outdoor theaters.

It’s also worth noting that this theater houses the largest bar in London. It runs the entire length of the stands and encircles the stadium from behind. You may see it for yourself at Regent’s Park, near Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens.

Telephone +44 (0)3334 003562

The Old Vic

The Old Vic is a storied and internationally recognized theater that frequently attracts a brilliant cast of future Hollywood A-listers. Depending on the concert you choose to attend here, you may be seated on a stage that has been graced by celebrities.

Clair Foy, Daniel Radcliffe, and Indira Varma, among many other theatrical and screen icons, have performed there. You may view it for yourself at The Cut, which is located near Waterloo Station.

Telephone +44 (0)8448 717628

Unicorn Theatre

Unicorn Theatre produces events for the entire family, not just the kids, and is geared directly at the kid and teen markets. The recommended ages for each show can be found in their program.

The vast majority of shows are directed at adolescents, however there are some shows for younger children (as young as two). All of the showings of whatever you wish to see may be found just a short distance west of Potters Fields Park, near the Tower Bridge.

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