University of Greenwich…Your Full Guide 2023

The University of Greenwich, located in London, United Kingdom, is a prestigious institution that is recognized for its academic excellence and commitment to research. With over 125 years of experience in higher education, the university is known for its innovative teaching methods and exceptional student support services.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the University of Greenwich and explore what makes it one of the top institutions of higher learning in the UK.

Introduction to University of Greenwich

Welcome to the University of Greenwich, a leading modern public university with a diverse and ambitious community of students and academics. Established in 1890, the University of Greenwich has a rich history and currently has over 260,000 alumni across the globe. With three campuses located in London and Kent, the University offers a range of subjects, and its courses are delivered flexibly, utilizing technology to support a blended approach to learning.

As a student at the University of Greenwich, you will be part of a vibrant and supportive community that embraces diversity and values innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. Whether you are a domestic or international student, the University of Greenwich offers an environment that will challenge you to reach your full potential and prepare you for a successful career in your chosen field.

University of Greenwich

History of University of Greenwich

As previously mentioned, the University of Greenwich’s history dates back to 1890 when it was founded as Woolwich Polytechnic, becoming the second-oldest polytechnic in the United Kingdom. It later changed its name to Thames Polytechnic before finally being named the University of Greenwich in 1992. With over 125 years of academic excellence, their history degree program covers over 500 years of global and British histories, exploring topics such as gender, migration, and violence.

The university also boasts a global network of over 250,000 undergraduates, postgraduates, alumni, and tutors. Additionally, the university’s campus is located at the earliest purpose-designed scientific building in Britain, adding to its rich history and academic legacy. By studying at the University of Greenwich, you will not only receive a world-class education but also become part of its storied history and long-standing academic reputation.

University of Greenwich

Why University of Greenwich

If you’re looking for a university that values teaching excellence and empowers its students to explore new possibilities, then the University of Greenwich might be the perfect fit for you. As we previously discussed in the introduction and history sections, the university has a rich educational heritage and a founding ethos of “no limits.” But that’s not all.

The University of Greenwich is also known for its world-class study facilities, and its unique combination of city lifestyle and tranquil surroundings at its London-based campuses. In addition, the university offers an exciting range of courses for both domestic and international students, with a focus on hands-on learning experiences and real-world application. If all these factors align with what you’re looking for in a university, then consider the University of Greenwich as your top choice.

Ranking & Reputation of University of Greenwich

When it comes to ranking and reputation, the University of Greenwich doesn’t disappoint. As mentioned earlier, the university is ranked #501 in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, and #801-1000 in QS World University Rankings 2023. It has also been ranked 601st in Times Higher Education and 751st in QS World University Ranking.

Additionally, the University of Greenwich is placed 101-200th in THE Impact Rankings 2021. With an overall score of 4.2 stars, according to students, the university is certainly doing something right. Its commitment to education without boundaries has helped it become the #1 modern university in London. So, if you’re looking for a reputable university with a great ranking, the University of Greenwich is a fantastic option.

University of Greenwich

Academic Programs at University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich offers a vast array of academic programs for undergraduate courses and around postgraduate courses. Whether you’re interested in finance, science, business, or agriculture, the university has something for everyone. Their Computing and Computer Security and Forensics programs equip students with advanced IT skills and fundamental knowledge that will help prepare them for future studies.

Aside from these technical courses, the university also offers a range of biomedical, economics and business-related degree programs. With an emphasis on preparing students for more advanced study, the University of Greenwich’s academic programs can provide a solid foundation for your future career success.

At the faculties of the University of Greenwich, you can study in some of these departments as an example:

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and HumanitiesDepartment of Architecture and Landscape, Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts, Department of History, Politics and Social Sciences, Department of Literature, Language and Theatre, Department of Media and Communications
Faculty of Education, Health and Human SciencesDepartment of Education and Community Studies, Department of Psychology, Social Work and Counselling, Department of Family Care and Mental Health, Department of Health Sciences
Faculty of Engineering and ScienceDepartment of Engineering Science, Department of Life and Sports Sciences
Faculty of BusinessDepartment of Accounting and Finance, Department of International Business and Economics, Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism
University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich Fees

When considering studying at University of Greenwich, it’s important to be aware of the tuition fees. The tuition fees at the University of Greenwich can be seen as follows:

Course TypeHome Students (Per Year)International Students (Per Year)
Classroom-based Courses (Undergraduate)£9,250£13,500 – £14,700
Laboratory-based Courses (Undergraduate)£9,250 – £10,200£14,700 – £16,500
Clinical-based Courses (Undergraduate)£9,250 – £13,000£16,500 – £20,700
Arts-based Courses (Undergraduate)£9,250£13,500 – £14,700
Classroom-based Courses (Postgraduate)£7,920 – £9,720£13,500 – £14,700
Laboratory-based Courses (Postgraduate)£7,920 – £11,700£14,700 – £18,500
Clinical-based Courses (Postgraduate)£9,360 – £12,420£17,280 – £19,500
Arts-based Courses (Postgraduate)£7,920 – £9,720£13,500 – £14,700

Additionally, there are various payment methods available, such as government student loans, sponsorship, and online banking. Overall, the University of Greenwich provides affordable tuition fees and ample funding opportunities for international students.

University of Greenwich Scholarships

If you’re an international student, a care leaver or in financial need, or seeking asylum, the University of Greenwich has scholarships and bursaries to help you with the cost of your studies. You can receive a tuition fee discount of up to £3000 in the first year with an offer to study here.

The university also offers sports and skills-based scholarships, postgraduate research opportunities, and awards for postgraduate study. You are only eligible for one bursary or scholarship, but the university will award you the highest-value award that you are qualified for. These scholarships are designed to ensure that no deserving student is denied admission or pursuit of studies due to the inability to pay the fees.

The William Hills Scholarship, for example, offers six students £2,000 each year for the duration of their 4-year MEng Mechanical. Moreover, the university offers a scholarship program for international students. So, if you have any trouble affording your studies, the University of Greenwich is more than happy to help you in every possible way it can.

The Student Experience at University of Greenwich

At the Greenwich Campus, the student experience is ingrained in the very fabric of the institution. The university’s community of staff and students work together to create a welcoming and supportive learning environment that fosters personal and academic growth. With state-of-the-art facilities and a range of extracurricular activities, students at Greenwich have numerous opportunities to explore their interests, develop new skills and create lasting memories.

Whether you are an international student, a mature learner or fresh out of high school, the University of Greenwich offers a diverse range of programs tailored to meet your needs. With an impressive 90% of graduates going into work or further study within six months of graduating, it’s clear that the student experience at Greenwich is a springboard to a successful career.

University of Greenwich

International Students Life at University of Greenwich

As an international student at the University of Greenwich, you will be part of a diverse community with over 38,000 students from more than 160 countries. The university offers a range of support and resources to help you settle into life in the UK, including a handy guide to getting involved and receiving support.

The university prides itself on its small class sizes, with up to 14 students per class, providing you with a personalized and supportive learning environment. You will have the opportunity to live on campus or in private accommodation, with plenty of options available to suit your needs and budget. Plus, with an impressive 91% of graduates being placed within six months of graduating, you can rest assured that your degree from the University of Greenwich will have a positive impact on your career.

University of Greenwich

Famous Alumni of University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich has an impressive list of famous alumni, ranging from award-winning authors to renowned scientists and activists. Among its notable graduates are Abiy Ahmed and Charles K. Kao, both Nobel laureates in their respective fields. The university has also produced successful individuals in the entertainment industry, such as actor John Boyega and singer Natasha Bedingfield.

Other alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields include Malorie Blackman, a renowned author, and Halima Ali Adan, an expert on female genital mutilation. Despite their diverse backgrounds, one thing is certain – the University of Greenwich has played a significant role in shaping their careers and helping them achieve their dreams.

Charles K. Kao

University of Greenwich Graduational Impact

As you prepare for your special awards ceremony at the University of Greenwich, it’s important to take a moment to recognize the significant Graduational Impact this institution has had over the years. From its humble beginnings as Woolwich Polytechnic in the 19th century to now being a world-class university, the University of Greenwich has graduated countless exceptional students who have gone on to make a positive impact in various fields.

With its focus on practical learning and research, this institution has produced graduates who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a difference in their communities and beyond. As you walk across that stage and receive your well-deserved recognition, know that you are not just an individual achieving success, but part of a legacy of excellence that has shaped and will continue to shape the world.

University of Greenwich

Seminars and Programs at University of Greenwich

At the University of Greenwich, the Big Picture Seminar Series is just one example of the extensive range of events and programs on offer. You can expect to encounter high-profile speakers and a diverse range of topics, making it an exciting and enriching experience for all. Furthermore, with over 200 undergraduate courses and 150 postgraduate courses across four faculties, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Whether you are an international student or a domestic one, you’ll find a welcoming community and world-class facilities that are second to none. Whether you want to pursue a Masters or PhD, gain additional skills, or just want to broaden your horizons, there is something for everyone at University of Greenwich. The university offers many scholarship programs for students who cannot afford their fees. Apply now to experience the best of what the University of Greenwich has to offer.

How to contact University of Greenwich

To contact the University of Greenwich, you can use a variety of methods, depending on your inquiry. The main switchboard telephone number is 020 8331 8000, and you can call this number for general information.

If you have a complaint or issue to be resolved, Resolver is available to assist you. You can also email the university at [email protected] or use the online contact form.

International students can contact the university at 44 1634 883615 or reach out to the Financial Advice area at [email protected] or by calling 020 8331 8272.

The website of the University of Greewich is also available for you to gain more useful information. You can take a look by clicking from here!

The Location of the University of Greenwich


Congratulations, you have now reached the concluding part of our blog on the University of Greenwich. From discussing the history of the university, its academic programs and rankings, tuition fees, scholarships, student experience, alumni, seminars, and programs, we have covered a wide range of information. However, the most important thing to note is that the University of Greenwich is a highly respected institution in London and the UK.

Its commitment to providing high-quality education, research facilities, and student support services is evident from its excellent rankings and achievers. Overall, the University of Greenwich is an excellent choice for those seeking a quality education in London.

University of Greenwich

How can I apply to University of Greenwich?

If you are interested in applying to the University of Greenwich, you can find more information on the university’s website or contact the admissions team. The application process may vary depending on your chosen course and level of study.

What are the facilities like at University of Greenwich?

The University of Greenwich boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern lecture theatres, laboratories, and libraries. The Greenwich Campus, which is situated in the historic site of the Old Royal Naval College, also offers student accommodation, sports facilities, and social spaces.

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