Vikings in Britain

Vikings in Britain .. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Vikings in Britain left a very important mark on British history that affected Britain culturally and linguistically to a great extent.

In this post, we will talk about the history of Vikings in Britain and how they established themselves and prospered.

Vikings in Britain

About Vikings in Britain

The Viking invasion of Britain has taken a lot of different stages, starting with England, and going through Ireland and Scotland.

The Vikings in England

Vikings in Britain Existence starts with the invasion of England, which had the biggest effect compared to other kingdoms.

Vikings raided England in 793, storming Lindisfarne and stealing the bones of Saint Cuthbert that were kept in a monastery there.

A group of people killed the monks and took their money. In this attack, the “Age of Viking Conquest” began.

The Vikings were able to do this because they used tall ships.

In the last decade of the 8th century, there was a lot of violence on the northern and western coasts of England, but on a small scale. Viking invasions kept going on in English coastal towns. While the first raiding groups were small, it was thought that they had a lot of plans.

It was winter between 840 and 841 when the Norwegians went out. They had been waiting on an island off the coast of Ireland. For their first winter in the United Kingdom, the Vikings stayed on the island of Thanet in Kent.

It was the second time in 854 that the group of raiders stayed on the Isle of Shepey in the Thames Estuary for winter. In 864, they came back to Thanet to set up camp for the winter.

The crippled brothers Ivar, Halfdan, and Ob Ragnarson led a sizable pagan army that arrived in East Anglia the following year. They were joined by another Viking ruler (Gathram).

They then went into Northumbria and took over York, making Norse York, a Viking town where some people lived as farmers and artisans.

The Vikings took over most of the English kingdoms, which were in a state of chaos at the time. During an attack on Northumbria by the Halfdan brothers, sons of Ranger and Ivar the Boneless, the Englishman King Forced was made a mere puppet by the Halfdan brothers. This made Northumbria their northern home.

In 870, a Viking chief named Bagsick and the Five Earls led the “Great Summer Army” to England. They took over the country. It was a fight between the Viking forces that had been in charge of the majority of England until 871, when they planned to invade the Kingdom of Wessex with help from the Great Pagan Army.

Bagsick’s men and Halfdan’s forces tried to stop them (who had already conquered much of England from their stronghold in Norse York).

Bajsek and the Earl were killed in the Battle of Ashdown on January 8, 871, when the two were killed. As a result, a lot of Vikings came back to northern England, and Scandinavian York became the capital of the Viking kingdom. But Alfred the Great was able to drive them out. After defeating Viking raids on the frontier, Alfred and his successors were able to take over York, which was on the coast.

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