Top 8 Best Beaches In Liverpool … Your Full Guide 2023

Liverpool has many beautiful beaches in addition to its well-known cultural and historical attractions. The Top 8 Best Beaches in Liverpool provide residents and visitors with a broad choice of places, activities, and natural wonders, providing residents and visitors with unlimited chances for fun and relaxation. Crosby Beach is recognized for its sculptural wonders, while Formby Beach is known for its ancient imprints.

Wallasey Beach, also known as New Brighton Beach, is located on the southern bank of the River Mersey in Liverpool’s Wirral district. New Brighton Beach is about a 10-minute taxi ride from the center of Liverpool. On busy days, this is one among the first destinations for travelers looking for a beach chair. The action is at Marine Point. A covered market with restaurants, stores, and eye-catching wall art.

Best Beaches In Liverpool

Southport Beach

Wallasey Beach, also known as New Brighton Beach, is located on the Wirral peninsula on the River Mersey, south of Liverpool. New Brighton Beach is roughly a 10-minute taxi ride from the center of Liverpool. On sunny days, this is a popular area to grab a lounger. The majority of the action occurs in Marine Point. A shopping district with cafés, boutiques, and mural-adorned walls.

The Warren Golf Club, a public course with five hard coastline holes, as well as the New Brighton Lighthouse and Perch Rock Fort, are both close.

Crosby Beach

Crosby Beach is a long, wide beach with beautiful, white sand. One of Liverpool’s most striking art exhibitions may be found here: one hundred cast-iron figures dot the beach, all gazing out to sea. Anthony Gormley is the artist who created these sculptures, and both kids and their parents will find them fascinating.

Crosby Beach is one of the easiest beaches to reach by public transit, as the local route connects Liverpool Central and Waterloo (Merseyside).

New Brighton Beach

The New Brighton Lighthouse and Perch Rock Fort are also a short walk away, and there are several golf courses in the region, including the public Warren Golf Club, which has five very difficult shoreline holes.

Formby Beach

Formby Beach is located around 30 minutes north of Liverpool. Because it goes down the coast and passes by the beach’s wide dunes, the Sefton Coastal Walk is a popular spot to go for long walks.

As you travel, keep a look out for probable human and animal traces reaching back as far as 7,500 years. Only a few days out of the year do Formby Beach’s exposed sediment beds appear.

Ainsdale Beach

Ainsdale Beach attracts kite surfers and kite buggies, and the surrounding Ainsdale Discovery Centre and Sandhills Local Nature Reserve make it a popular location for anyone interested in learning more about the area’s natural history. Sign up for one of the free bicycle trips to get to know the area and its people.

The wide beach and sand dunes that surround it add to the natural beauty of the location. Ainsdale Village, located nearby, boasts a number of noteworthy restaurants, bars, and shops.

Meols Beach

Meols Beach is an excellent site for horse and sand buggy excursions. Although the combination of shingle, sand, and mudflats along this stretch of coast does not make it the most visually appealing beach in the Liverpool area, it attracts a huge number of tourists who come to enjoy various water sports and other activities.

The North Wirral Coastal Park connects Meols and New Brighton beaches. South Liverpool as a whole is changing rapidly, so there is always something new to see.

West Kirby Beach

Despite its small size, West Kirby Beach is frequently extremely crowded on summer weekends. It’s a terrific place to view kite surfers and other water sports, and it’s also wheelchair accessible.

Authorities will seize any alcoholic beverages discovered on the beach. Instead, head into West Kirby, where you’ll find a plethora of eateries, watering establishments, and street sellers to quench your stomach.

Moreton Beach

Moreton Beach, which has more shingle than sand, nonetheless attracts many lovebirds looking for a secluded patch to cuddle up on while inhaling in the salty sea air. It’s also an excellent spot to take your dog because it can run around freely. In the winter, this is an excellent location for bird watching.

This beach is located on the Wirral to the south of the River Mersey and spans between Hoylake and Meols. There are a few modest food and drink stands, but if you are hungry, the best option is to travel up the coast to New Brighton.