eBay UK…Your Full Guide 2023

2. If the seller doesn’t honor the return policy included in the listing.

3. If the seller hasn’t resolved your issue within 3 business days or you cannot agree on a solution.

How to get your money back on eBay UK

You can claim back your money from eBay if you follow these steps:

1. On the eBay UK official website, go to the “My eBay” menu.

2. Then select the item from your purchase history on the menu.

3. Select “Return this item” or “I didn’t receive it”.

4. If you don’t get any resolution from the seller within 3 business days, you can ask eBay for help by texting them directly.

5. Within 48 hours eBay will get back to you to inform the issue and the solution.

6. Remember, you need to report this kind of issue within 30 days after your purchase to make eBay process your issue, otherwise your problem will not be accepted.

eBay UK Plus

With an eBay Plus subscription, you can get a lot more from eBay in the United States. For example, you might have exclusive access to premium shipping, free return shipping, customer assistants, and so on. When you sign up for an eBay account, this service is also free for the first 30 days.

If you have this subscription, you can also buy many limited products at very low prices, get a lot of coupons and discounts, and bid as much as you want in the online auction.

To get an eBay Plus subscription, go to the eBay Plus menu on the official eBay UK website. From there, you can buy an eBay Plus subscription just like you would buy anything else on the site.

Online clothes UK

The United States boasts a wide variety of clothing in all price ranges and styles, from luxury to inexpensive and economical.

Online shopping UK

The UK is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to online shopping, we have prepared a guide for you including all types of websites.

What Is The Best Day To Sell On eBay UK

People say that Sunday afternoon is one of the best times to sell things, so end your auction between 7 and 9 p.m. This is because a lot of people are at home on Mondays, using their phones or laptops, and are more likely to make a quick purchase to cheer themselves up after a long weekend.

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