The 20 Best Fish And Chips in London 2023

London’s many bogus chip restaurants with watery batter and pale potatoes mean seagulls won’t steal your fries. Crispy, hot fish and chips can make someone cry.

Whether you prefer cod, a surprising vegan alternative, crunchy classic beer batter, spicy panko breadcrumbs, or cheeky side orders of saveloy or scampi, you’ll find it. Buy more chips than you need and season them well. Twenty Best Fish And Chips in London are on our list.

fish and chips in london

The best fish and chips in North London

1. Oliver’s

Since Oliver’s is so close to Belsize Park, it makes sense that their specialty is battered food. There are also a lot of different salads, open sandwiches, and fillets that have been grilled. At a chip shop, grilled tuna steak would not be on a salad, Nicoise The batter scraps that fell off while frying will be given to people who ask for them. The gluten-free batter is cooked in a different fryer so that people with celiac disease can eat it safely.

Price of fish, chips, and tartar sauce is £13.95.

2. Hook

At Hook, you can relax because they focus on fishing methods that are good for the environment. The fish is served with trendy coatings like basil tempura or Cajun panko breadcrumbs, and dried seaweed is sprinkled on the crisp, fat chips to add more umami.

Price: The classic version costs £13 and is breaded in panko breadcrumbs and topped with tartar sauce and seaweed-flavored salty chips.

The best fish and chips in South London

3. Seventeen

It looks like a trendy pop-up restaurant because it has filament light bulbs, craft beers, and white tiles on the walls, but it feels like your grandmother’s kitchen because it has so much food and is so cozy. A winning combination, especially when the ingredients are fried with such care: even scampi and onion rings, which are usually overlooked, are fresh, light, and super-crispy.

Price: one portion of cod and chips, £13.45

4. Kennedy’s

You won’t find a more British fish-and-chip shop than Kennedy’s within the M25. The delicious chips here are eaten right out of the newspaper after self-steaming for 10 minutes on the way home. This is not strictly enforced, so you can take your time getting started and listen to the lively conversation of the staff.

Price: one big portion cod and chips, £10

The best fish and chips in East London

5. Sutton and Sons

In Stoke Newington, Mrs. Sutton runs a fish and chip shop. She also makes her own baby shallots in balsamic vinegar and quail eggs in vinegar. They always have fresh fish because they have their own fishmonger right across the street. They also have locations in Islington and Hackney. The seaweed-seasoned banana flower can stand in for the fillets, and vegans will enjoy the battered plant-based sausage.

Price: one portion of cod and chips, £10.50 

6. Poppies

Pat “Pop” Newland got a job at an East End chip shop when he was only 11 years old. He spent his days tearing up old newspapers to use as chip packaging. After almost 50 years, he finally opened his first restaurant in Spitalfields. Traditional dishes like jellied eels and saveloys were made with modern ideas about how to improve the taste of food. Fish from Billingsgate Market, done in a bright and elegant style from the 1950s.

Price: one portion of cod and chips, £13.95

The best fish and chips in West London

7. The Chipping Forecast

This Westbourne Park favorite is one of the best chip shop puns out there (cheers to Waterloo’s Fishcoteque). Good news: the meal is as good as it sounds. The menu also includes large pieces of monkfish scampi, mussels cooked in BrewDog IPA, and fresh Cornish fish.

Price: one portion of cod, chips, and tartar sauce, £19

8. Kerbisher & Malt

Since it opened in 2011 in quiet Brook Green, Kerbisher & Malt has been serving freshly caught fish and real chips to both locals and tourists. The food on the menu is the same as it was in the past, but it is served in a more modern way. Kerbisher’s grandfather, who was played by Nick Crossley, was a fisherman. If Horlicks doesn’t have a secret menu, “malt” probably means vinegar. Nothing is made by someone else; even the mashed peas are made in-house. Except for ketchup, where Heinz has a huge share of the market.

Price: one portion of cod and chips, £10.70

The best fish and chips in central London

9. Golden Union

This trendy restaurant looks like it could have been taken from a diner in the United States in the 1950s. It has neon signs, bright yellow tables, and ketchup bottles in the shape of tomatoes. On the other hand, the food tastes like it would at a traditional British cafe. All the fish and potatoes come from British waters, where they are caught and grown. The pies are proudly made and cooked from scratch, not from frozen ingredients.

Price: one portion of Large cod and chips, £13.95

10. Gigs

There are more and more cool restaurants opening up in Fitzrovia, but Gigs is a true Fitzrovia institution. It’s just far enough from Tottenham Court Road to make you feel like a VIP. Since 1958, people have been frying and grilling food. A great place to stop for a cup of chippy tea, some fresh taramosalata, and some halloumi that’s been grilled. The owners are proud Cypriots who run an excellent business.

Price: one portion of cod and chips, £13.90

11. Golden Hind

There’s no competition here, but the Marylebone Village place is the only one that’s been open for more than a hundred years. In 1914, it had its first guests. Even though the company was first owned by Italians, Anthony Christou has been in charge of it since 2002. His mother’s side is Greek, so there are appetizers like feta-cheese fritters and Greek pickles. His father’s side is Italian, so there are desserts like affogato and limoncello.

Price: one portion of cod and chips, £17.45

12. Bonnie Gull

Bonnie Gull, a fish restaurant in the area, is known for its high quality and upscale vibe. You can get tasty seafood dishes from them, like fish and chips. If the weather is nice, sit outside and have a glass of rosé and some oysters. The North Sea haddock is fried in pilsner and served with chips cooked in beef dripping for a meal that is both tasty and crunchy.

Price: one portion of Schiehallion-battered North Sea haddock with beef-dripping chips and mushy peas, £18.

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The best fish and chips in London


This wood-paneled chip shop in Muswell Hill is one of a kind. It has all the signs of a long-running family business run by people who know what they’re doing. Toff’s hasn’t changed much since it first opened in 1968. One sign that the restaurant is up to date is that it uses fish that can be tracked and is caught in a sustainable way. Everything is cooked to order, whether it’s skate, rock eel, halibut, or sea bass. There’s fish soup to start, then spotted dick.

14.Golden Union Fish Bar

Skip the trendy chain restaurants near Oxford Circus and head to Soho for real British fish and chips. The Golden Union looks like a throwback fish and chip shop and a laid-back American diner (it even has a jukebox), but its beer-battered, sustainably grown fish is right on trend. All of the food is golden-brown and made with local ingredients. For dessert, there are sundaes made with soft-serve ice cream. Come in for a fancy meal and play the jukebox while you wait.

15.Seventeen Fish & Chips

If you want fish and chips in Balham but want something a little more trendy than your typical local chippie, this cute little place should be perfect. The decor at Seventeen is a hipster’s dream, with white tiled walls, worn wood floors, and lights hanging from the ceiling. On the other hand, the battered fish is one of the best in south London. People also like to eat calamari, onion rings, and fish fillet burgers.

16. Nautilus

When you go to Nautilus, you may forget about the usual batter at chip shops. Instead, everything is grilled, deep-fried in matzo meal and eggs, or coated in matzo meal and baked. Don’t worry; this small business has a good name because its products are high quality and always fresh. There’s so much fish on the plate that it’s overflowing, leaving barely enough room for the chips. The chip shop is open all day, so it’s easy to take the kids there for dinner (there are mini portions too).

17. Sutton & Sons

Since Sutton & Sons is a well-known fish shop in London, you can be sure that the fish at this high-end fish and chip shop across the street from their Stokey shop is fresh. Residents can get the usual battered foods, as well as freshly shucked oysters and moules marinière, Mrs. Sutton’s homemade cakes, and Crate beer, which is made in Hackney. There are also many fakes made from plants, like banana blossom and Japanese potato starch. Branch offices are in Hackney and Islington.

18.Fish House

The famous fish restaurant in Victoria Park is a sleek, modern minimalist space with a large, close-up picture of an octopus’s tentacles covering one wall. On the menu, you can find creative takes on classic dishes like mussels marinière and teriyaki-baked fish with quinoa, avocado, radish, and crispy kale. You can also order classic dishes to go. Both the one in the East Village and the one at the Virgin Queen bar in Hackney have them (E20).

19.The Fryer’s Delight

As its name suggests, the Fryer’s Delight in London has been giving hungry locals fried treats since 1962. People come from all over to eat its battered cod, rock, skate, saveloys, fishcakes, pies with mushy peas, and “wallies.” You might think that London cab drivers frequent this place because of its throwback food and retro decor, which includes Formica-topped tables and long benches (gherkins). The restaurant’s owner, Osvaldo “Ozzie” Bartolo, loves the thick-cut chips, which are about 18 mm thick and cooked in beef fat.

20.The Golden Hind

Fish and chips have been served at the Golden Hind in Marylebone for a hundred years. The greasy-free batter and chunky chips are great, as are the well-seasoned mushy peas and the fish menu, which includes fried cod, haddock, and “rock” as well as steamed plaice and salmon.

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