The 20 Best Fish And Chips in London 2023

London’s many bogus chip restaurants with watery batter and pale potatoes mean seagulls won’t steal your fries. Crispy, hot fish and chips can make someone cry.

Whether you prefer cod, a surprising vegan alternative, crunchy classic beer batter, spicy panko breadcrumbs, or cheeky side orders of saveloy or scampi, you’ll find it. Buy more chips than you need and season them well. Twenty Best Fish And Chips in London are on our list.

fish and chips in london

The best fish and chips in North London

1. Oliver’s

Since Oliver’s is so close to Belsize Park, it makes sense that their specialty is battered food. There are also a lot of different salads, open sandwiches, and fillets that have been grilled. At a chip shop, grilled tuna steak would not be on a salad, Nicoise The batter scraps that fell off while frying will be given to people who ask for them. The gluten-free batter is cooked in a different fryer so that people with celiac disease can eat it safely.

Price of fish, chips, and tartar sauce is £13.95.

2. Hook

At Hook, you can relax because they focus on fishing methods that are good for the environment. The fish is served with trendy coatings like basil tempura or Cajun panko breadcrumbs, and dried seaweed is sprinkled on the crisp, fat chips to add more umami.

Price: The classic version costs £13 and is breaded in panko breadcrumbs and topped with tartar sauce and seaweed-flavored salty chips.

The best fish and chips in South London

3. Seventeen

It looks like a trendy pop-up restaurant because it has filament light bulbs, craft beers, and white tiles on the walls, but it feels like your grandmother’s kitchen because it has so much food and is so cozy. A winning combination, especially when the ingredients are fried with such care: even scampi and onion rings, which are usually overlooked, are fresh, light, and super-crispy.

Price: one portion of cod and chips, £13.45

4. Kennedy’s

You won’t find a more British fish-and-chip shop than Kennedy’s within the M25. The delicious chips here are eaten right out of the newspaper after self-steaming for 10 minutes on the way home. This is not strictly enforced, so you can take your time getting started and listen to the lively conversation of the staff.

Price: one big portion cod and chips, £10

The best fish and chips in East London

5. Sutton and Sons

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