Heathrow Airport … A comprehensive travel guide inside the airport 2023

London Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest and busiest international airports in the UK. 

The airport’s four terminals serve over 180 destinations across 90 countries. This vital resource is carefully created to help you enjoy the travel without concern, whether you are on an arrival, departure, or transit flight.

Heathrow Airport

Transfer flights between Heathro

With so many flights to Heathrow, it is undoubtedly a global travel hub. It is not surprising that millions of travelers visit it annually, by transferring between planes.

Because Heathrow Airport is large and congested, it is vital to know the number of the air station from which you will leave and the number of the air station from which you will arrive. The airline office of your trip may assist you in this regard. Baggage retrieval Please leave via passport control, baggage claim, and customs before proceeding to the baggage check-in station to catch your departing aircraft.

Terminals 2 and 3 are relatively close to one other if you need to change terminals at the airport. It is also possible to travel at no cost through the internal transmission lines provided to Air Stations 4 and 5. Checking in your luggage for transportation to your final destination Please proceed by clicking on the Fly Connections banner. If you need to change terminals at the airport, there are free shuttle buses available just inside the passenger area. You will be requested to show your passport when you pass through a passport control office.

Arriving at Heathrow Airport

Welcome to London!

Upon exiting the aircraft, please follow the Arrivals and exit through passport control, baggage reclaim and customs. 

Traffic usually takes about 40 minutes, but it can take longer in busy periods. 

Passport Inspection Office

There are two rows for passport inspection; One row for non-EU nationals and one row for non-EU nationals. 
Please have your passport and other documents ready at this stage.

Baggage Reclaim

Look up your flight number on the baggage reclaim hall displays first so you know which luggage conveyor belt to wait at.

Luggage trolleys are available if you need one.

The customs

EU citizens should take the blue exit at the customs point, while all other passengers should use the green lane (for products that do not need to be declared) or the red lane (for goods that must be declared).

In the arrivals hall

If you want to buy a last-minute gift (or buy something for yourself), the global shopping mall right after customs has great tempting offers for perfumes, electrical appliances and much more. You will find cafés and restaurants in the arrivals tour area.

Automobile transportation

There are significant automobile rental firms at each airport’s arrivals area. Heathrow is also near to the M25 ring road, which connects to destinations around the United Kingdom, as well as the M4 ring road, which connects to London, West England, and South Wales. It takes around an hour to get to downtown London, and you may have to pay a congestion charge.

. Train There is a direct, fast “Heathrow Express” that reaches London Paddington Station in 15 minutes; There is a non-direct Heathrow Connect train that arrives in 25 minutes. 

London Underground at Heathrow airport

The Piccadilly Line reaches central London in less than an hour. 
Shuttle or travel buses Buses run from the air terminal or central bus station to more than 500 local and national destinations.

Taxi in Heathrow airport

Licensed London cabs are available outside each airport terminal; if you are asked for a taxi ride within an airport terminal, we encourage you to decline. It takes roughly an hour to go to downtown London, and the ticket varies from £46 to £87.

Departure from Heathrow Airport 

Check in

To minimise flight delays, we recommend that you arrive at the airport as early as possible. You should check with your airline for specifics, but as a general guideline, allow three hours for long-haul flights and two hours for European flights (90 minutes to fly within the UK and Ireland).

Which airport’s air terminal? Please confirm the number of the airline you need before flying to Heathrow to guarantee an easy and seamless travel. Terminals 2 and 3 are situated near one other in the airport’s heart. Air Terminal 4 is situated south of the airport and has its own entrance. Air Terminal 5, which is situated to the west of the airport, also has its own entrance.

Security Inquiries

Please note that there are security restrictions in place at all UK airports, particularly with regard to hand baggage. 

Shop, eat, relax and enjoy shopping at Heathrow

Fine cuisine and haute couture, high-end designers, snacks and snacks, and travel basics are all available at Heathrow. We have a variety of stores, cafés, and restaurants, with the majority of them situated behind the security checkpoint.

Don’t forget to stop by the worldwide duty free stores, where you can get the greatest fragrances, cosmetic goods, accessories, confectionery, and other items at tax and duty free pricing.

To find out more about shopping at Heathrow Airport or to book products, please call 0800 678 5324 or email [email protected]

Boarding the plane

Please check your flight number on the departure hall information displays, where the gate number of your flight will show when it is available. Typically, boarding starts 45 minutes before departure.

Direct flight information Click here to find the flight information panel guide

  • Select Arrivals or Departures using one of the two tabs at the top of the screen: 
  • Arrivals
  • Departures
  • Enter your flight number in the Search flight to find your flight.

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