UK Dental Software … Your Ultimate Guide to Streamlining Your Dental Practice 2023 🦷🇬🇧💻

Software of Excellence 🌟💻

EXact software from Software of Excellence (Henry Schein) offers a variety of features, including a marketing manager, campaign+ and channel tracking, automated recall manager, utilisation manager, workflows manager, predictive UDA manager, and Care Manager.

  • Price: Depends on the size of the practice.
  • Free Trial: Not specified.
  • Cloud vs. Local Server: Not specified.
  • Training: Online courses and training days are available.
  • GDPR: Compliant.
  • Support: Each customer is assigned a dedicated “customer success consultant”.

Dentally 😁💻

Dentally’s software is easy to learn and use, offering data management, a diary, marketing tools, secure backup, automatic updates, clear financial reports, and patient, appointment, and treatment reports. The software integrates with various other programs.

  • Price: Basic price starts at £50 a month for up to 5 users. The next package is £84 per month for unlimited users.
  • Free Trial: 30 days, with some software limitations.
  • Cloud vs. Local Server: Cloud-based.
  • Training: An account manager is provided to assist you.
  • GDPR: Compliant.
  • Support: Available via phone, email, and online chat.

Pearl Dental Software 🦪💻

Pearl Dental Software offers a simple yet effective dental software package that includes patient records, diary, treatment plans, medical history, accounts, and reminders.

  • Price: The first surgery costs £71 per month, with each additional surgery costing £26 per month. Onboarding costs £575.
  • Free Trial: Demo booking is available.
  • Cloud vs. Local Server: Both options are available.
  • Training: Onsite training is provided as part of the onboarding cost.
  • GDPR: Compliant.
  • Support: Available via the company website and telephone## Systems For Dentists 🦷🔧💻

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