Top 9 Zoos in London … Your Full Guide 2023

London is home to some of the most famous and best zoos in the world. With a wide variety of exotic animals, immersive habitats, and educational experiences, visiting the zoos of London makes for an unforgettable day out.

Here is our list of the top 10 zoos in London that you and your family must visit:

Zoos in London

Best Zoos in London

1. London Zoo

The London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo, having opened in 1828. Home to over 720 species of animals, this zoo in Regent’s Park provides an interactive experience for visitors.

Key Features

  • Large collection of endangered species: It has several endangered species like gorillas, Sumatran tigers, penguins, Komodo dragons, etc.
  • Immersive exhibits: The zoo features immersive habitats like the Blackburn Pavilion with its colony of 65 dwarf mongooses and the Land of the Lions, which showcases Asiatic lions.
  • Educational shows: There are several educational presentations, like the reptile show and the bird show, highlighting animal behavior and biology.
  • Children’s Zoo: The zoo has a petting zoo and an interactive zoo for kids to feed and touch animals.
Practical Information

Location: Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4RY

Opening Hours: 10 a.m.–4 p.m. daily (opens at 9:30 a.m. on weekends)

Ticket Prices: £38.75 for adults and £27 for children

Nearby Attractions: Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, Little Venice

2. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

The Whipsnade Zoo, the largest zoo in the UK, occupies over 600 acres of parkland and is home to 3,500 animals from all continents.

Key Features

  • Large open enclosures – Animals like giraffes, rhinos, deer, bison, etc. roam freely in the vast open spaces.
  • Rare species – It houses several endangered species like Amur tigers and leopards, Asian elephants, and giant anteaters.
  • Butterfly house – The zoo features England’s largest butterfly house with over 26 species of tropical butterflies.
  • Kids play areas – There are five outdoor play zones and an indoor soft play center for kids.
Practical Information

Location: Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2LF

Opening Hours: 10am-5pm daily

Ticket Prices: £34.50 for adults, £21.90 for children 3-15 years

Nearby Attractions: Dunstable Downs, Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, Ivinghoe Beacon

3. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Occupying a 7.5-acre site in Battersea Park, this small zoo is tailored for young children and features interactive exhibits of farm animals, birds, and small mammals.

Key Features

  • Hands-on experience – Kids can pet, groom, and feed the friendly domestic animals in the farm area.
  • Learning zone – Children can learn about bugs, butterflies, chickens, and caring for animals in the educational space.
  • Eco-garden – The zoo has an eco-garden for children to identify plants and insects.
  • Play area – There is an outdoor adventure play area with swings, slides, and climbing frames.

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