3 best activities in the Cadbury chocolate factory in Birmingham 2023

The Cadbury chocolate factory in Birmingham is considered one of the most famous chocolate factories in the world, and it is obvious that if you are on a tourist tour in England, you must visit Cadbury World, especially for chocolate lovers, as it is considered an attractive place of tourism in Birmingham

Any chocolate lover cannot resist not visiting it, as it provides an opportunity for all its visitors, young or old, to learn about the history of the chocolate industry, the materials involved in manufacturing, and the various stages of its completion, starting from the seeds to the shape that we see in the markets.

Activities that can be done

• We will start our entertainment tour by wandering around the world of Cadbury, accompanied by a tour guide, who introduces us to its various sections, which begin with the forests of Mexico, which are full of cocoa seeds, and you can drink authentic cocoa.

• After the forests, you will find yourselves in Bull Street, where we will learn about the history of the success of cocoa powder to be used instead of wine

You can also learn about chocolate stirring techniques and see educational video presentations on the history of chocolate, computer simulations of machines and other modern technologies.

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