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The collections of Hobbs UK are created to meet the demands of the contemporary woman who loves life while drawing on a rich heritage and always looking forward.

Hobbs UK

About Hobbs UK

Hobbs UK was founded in London’s Hampstead in 1981. professional craftspeople methodically produce modern cuts, modern tailoring, and effortless silhouettes that are inspired by the origins of Hobbs.

Being unaffected by fads that come and go is what makes Hobbs UK one of the most desired brands in the world.

The designers constantly look beyond the disposable to find and develop timeless fashions that will never go out of style.

In the meantime, Hobbs operates stores all across the United Kingdom, concessions in the United States and Germany, plus franchises in Dubai and Sweden.

The online store serves 55 countries worldwide. For a customer base that is primarily middle-aged and older, Hobbs is known for offering clothing in the mid-range price range.

How to find a Hobbs UK store?

Hobbs is easily accessible in the United Kingdom, as the company owns about 57 official stores in different cities where you can find their product. The stores are located mainly in the capital London (24), Aberdeen (2), Belfast (1), Birmingham (3), Cambridge (2). Cardiff (4), Edinburgh (3), Glasgow (4). Leeds (1), Liverpool (3), Manchester (3), Newcastle upon Tyne (2), Nottingham (2), Oxford (1) and Sheffield (2).

Follow the next steps to find the nearest store to your location:

1- Visit the official website of the company, which provides a feature that enables you to find the nearest store to you, using your current location.

2- Sign in or sign up with your personal email, then locate the location that you want to visit.

3- After that you will get all the information about the stores you want.

Hobbs UK products

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