Playstation Prices In The UK | Prices in GBP £ EUR € | USD $ | (Updated December 2023)

Looking into the Latest Playstation Prices in the UK? Here’s What I Found! (Updated December 2023)

Hey fellow gamers! Let me tell you, if you’re in the market for a Playstation in the UK, you’ll want to hear what I’ve found. Whether you’re after the newest tech with the PS5 or hunting down the still-awesome PS4, getting the best price is crucial—especially with that cheeky exchange rate in mind. So let’s discover the prices together.

Playstation Prices In The UK

PlayStation 5 Price in the UK

EditionPrice in GBP (£)Price in EUR (€)Price in USD ($)
Disc Drive Edition£449.99€525.89$567.74
Digital Edition£359.99€420.47$454.06

Starting with the PlayStation 5, it’s the shining star that hit the shelves in November 2020, captivating us with two sleek versions. Now, if you ask me, there’s sheer brilliance in the PlayStation 5 Console with a disc drive—I mean, who doesn’t love lining up their physical game collection on the shelf?

But, for those who prefer a digital-only library, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console is your best bet, minus the clutter of cases. And here’s the kicker: both are available on the official Playstation website and at Argos for £449.99 (€525.89/$567.74) and £359.99 (€420.47/$454.06), respectively. Yep, that includes a free Playstation Plus trial—I’m talking online multiplayer and sweet monthly games.

PlayStation 4 Price in the UK

ModelPrice in GBP (£)Price in EUR (€)Price in USD ($)
PlayStation 4 Slim£259.99€304.07$328.27
PlayStation 4 Pro£349.99€409.39$442.04

Maybe you’re thinking, “What about the PS4?” Glad you asked! As of my latest quest, the PlayStation 4 Slim and the 4K-ready PlayStation 4 Pro are still the talk of the town for many. You can find the Slim at a cool £259.99 (€304.07/$328.27) and the Pro at £349.99 (€409.39/$442.04) directly from Sony. And hey, Amazon’s not too far off, pitching the Slim at £249.99 (€292.41/$315.74) and the Pro at £339.99 (€397.72/$429.83), with some nifty deals on games and bundles to boot.

Playstation Plus Prices in The UK

PlanPrice in GBP (£)Price in EUR (€)Price in USD ($)
Essential Plan£6.99€8.18$8.83
Quarterly Plan£19.99€23.37$25.25
Annual Plan£49.99€58.42$63.14

Depending on your commitment level, you can opt for a monthly (£6.99/€8.18/$8.83), quarterly (£19.99/€23.37/$25.25), or annual (£49.99/€58.42/$63.14) plan, as Radio Times suggests. And for those who love a good card-in-hand, you’ve got options like a 12 Month Membership Card from Amazon or Game.

Price table

ProductPrice at Official Playstation Website / Argos (GBP)Price at Official Playstation Website / Argos (EUR)Price at Official Playstation Website / Argos (USD)
PlayStation 5 Console with Disc Drive£449.99€525.89$567.74
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console£359.99€420.47$454.06
PlayStation 4 Slim£259.99€304.07$328.27
PlayStation 4 Pro£349.99€409.39$442.04
PlayStation Plus Monthly£6.99€8.18$8.83
PlayStation Plus Quarterly£19.99€23.37$25.25
PlayStation Plus Annual£49.99€58.42$63.14
This table compares the prices of various Playstation models and subscriptions available at the official Playstation website/Argos

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