Playstation Prices In The UK | Prices in GBP £ EUR € | USD $ | (Updated December 2023)

Looking into the Latest Playstation Prices in the UK? Here’s What I Found! (Updated December 2023)

Hey fellow gamers! Let me tell you, if you’re in the market for a Playstation in the UK, you’ll want to hear what I’ve found. Whether you’re after the newest tech with the PS5 or hunting down the still-awesome PS4, getting the best price is crucial—especially with that cheeky exchange rate in mind. So let’s discover the prices together.

Playstation Prices In The UK

PlayStation 5 Price in the UK

EditionPrice in GBP (£)Price in EUR (€)Price in USD ($)
Disc Drive Edition£449.99€525.89$567.74
Digital Edition£359.99€420.47$454.06

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