Top 10 Beaches In The UK 2024

I am thrilled to share about some of the best beaches I’ve visited in the United Kingdom.

I must say, the beaches in the UK are truly surprising, offering perfect spots for everyone, whether you’re a tourist longing for a sun-soaked summer day or a local looking for a cozy weekend getaway. Here’s a shortlist of my top picks that you must check out!

beaches in the UK

1. Formby Beach

Formby Beach is one of my go-to spots for a family beach day. Its wide expanse of sand and enigmatic dunes make it a fascinating place for kids and adults alike.

Among its features are a spacious car park and picnic spots, and a well-directed pathway leading to the beach, dunes and the nearby Formby Nature Reserve.

Proudly ranked 12th in the Top 40 UK Beaches by The Times, Formby Beach is a sparkling gem in the UK’s crown of coastal treasures.

Formby Beach

2. West Wittering Beach

Located just a short drive from Windmill Beach in the heart of West Sussex, West Wittering Beach is an absolute favourite of mine.

Its picture-perfect beach huts add a pop of colour and a whimsical charm. Whether taking my dogs for a walk or basking in the summer sunshine, the beauty and tranquility here never fail to impress me.

So if you’re planning a trip to the UK’s coast, don’t miss out on West Wittering. I can assure you, it’s one of the best beach experiences this country has to offer.

West Wittering Beach

3. Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach never fails to impress as a top tourist attraction. I can tell you, this beach is totally worth the visit.

Boasting Blue Flag award-winning cleanliness, it’s an excellent spot for a paddle or a swim. Plus, its wheelchair-accessible beach huts ensure everyone can enjoy a beachside experience.

So, if you’re planning a beach trip, I highly recommend making your way to Bournemouth Beach. Trust me, you’ll leave with your expectations exceeded and a camera full of gorgeous shots.

Bournemouth Beach

4. Holkham Beach – Norfolk

Holkham Beach in Norfolk holds a special place in my heart. Located on the North Norfolk Coast, its aesthetic of unspoilt landscape and crystal-clear waters is beyond captivating.

Families can have a blast here exploring the golden sand dunes. For those like me who appreciate untouched nature, you can admire the stunning views of the adjacent Holkham National Nature Reserve.

Whether it’s savouring a day in the sun or sharing a romantic stroll along the beach, Holkham Beach offers experiences that are truly priceless. It’s undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the UK, and I can’t recommend it enough for your next getaway.

Holkham Beach

5. Brancaster Beach – Norfolk

Brancaster Beach in Norfolk truly captures the definition of tranquility. With its clean sands, sparkling water and the opportunity for shell collecting, it’s the perfect spot for peaceful, long walks. It’s also one of the most Instagram-worthy beaches in the UK, ideal for capturing your beach adventures!

Located close to Hunstanton, it’s a top choice for families, like mine, seeking a break from our busy routines. Another nearby gem is Heacham Beach with its golden sands – equally mesmerizing in winter and summer.

From finding a secluded spot to building sandcastles with the kids, Brancaster Beach promises a memorable beach experience for everyone.

Brancaster Beach

6. Holkham National Nature Reserve and Beach – Norfolk

When it comes to impressive coastlines, Holkham National Nature Reserve and Beach in Norfolk top my list. Frequently crowned as one of the UK’s best beaches, its vastness leaves me marveling every time.

A low-tide walk along its expansive stretch is an experience that remains imprinted in my memory. The blend of golden and white sands make it an ideal location for family holidays and days out in nature.

But what stands out for me, are the 45 miles of untamed coastline buzzing with nature and wildlife. Whether you’re an adventurer or a peace-seeker, Holkham Beach is a perfect escape. Do yourself a favour and chalk in a visit – it’s truly a sight to behold!

Holkham National Nature Reserve and Beach

7. Cley-next-the-Sea – Norfolk

What I also find great about Holkham Beach is its accessibility by car – making it ideal for weekend getaways or a day trip.

The picturesque North Norfolk location indeed hits the mark for the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some sunshine. These are some of the reasons why Holkham Beach is my number one choice for beach escapades. So, if you’re in search of an idyllic sun-soaked relaxation spot, look no further!


A trip along the North Norfolk coast wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Salthouse Beach. With its sandy shores, clear waters and stunning views, it’s easy to see why it’s one of my top beach choices.

For the adrenaline seekers, I’ve noticed it offers superb surfing and kitesurfing opportunities. Regardless of whether you’re after a laid-back beach day or some thrilling adventure, there’s something for everyone at Salthouse Beach.

Salthouse Beach

Southwold Beach, nestled in the county of Suffolk, is a sandy beauty that captured my heart from the first visit. Its ranking as one of Britain’s best beaches by The Telegraph certainly resonates with my own experiences.

Adding to its appeal, Southwold Beach is part of the Suffolk Coast and Heath Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it as picturesque as it is relaxing.

If you’re planning a UK beach holiday, I can’t recommend Southwold Beach enough, for its tranquility, natural beauty and family-friendly activities. It’s a charm worth discovering!

Southwold Beach

10. Durdle Door – Dorset

One unique beach experience I’ve found truly captivating is Durdle Door in Dorset. A standout, it features a remarkable limestone arch, making it one of the most photogenic spots in the whole of Dorset.

With its awe-inspiring views and spellbinding scenery, it comes as no surprise that Durdle Door is recognised among the best UK beaches. For a guaranteed memorable beach experience, be sure to have Durdle Door on your list. Trust me, it’s worth every step!

Durdle Door

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