Cheapest Universities in London for International Students 2023

Most visitors to the United Kingdom come for the country’s rich history, but London is the best spot to go.

If you are an international student interested in studying in London. Here is one of best Cheapest Universities in London for International Students.

Universities in London for International Students

Why London ?

1- It’s London

To begin with, it’s London. It’s a beautiful city, and everyone wants to visit this magical place. It has a rich cultural scene, world-class colleges, and many opportunities for students to study abroad. Universities are also great places to find scholarship money. So, don’t you think it would be great to study in London?

2. Amazing city lifestyle

You will also get to see how a big city works. There are tons of restaurants, pubs, bars, and music venues for you to check out. You can have a unique multicultural experience while visiting all the fun places in the capital. Outside of class time, there are more than a thousand galleries where you can learn new things.

3 – Education

It’s also helpful to have the best qualifications and live in a winning city. If you agree, then you should move to London. It is an excellent city for education, with more than 50 colleges and universities. Universities in London are known all over the world. So, the best way to study will be available.

4. Communication

It helps you improve your chances of getting a job. London, the country’s capital, is always full of people who are friendly and willing to help, as well as people who might be able to get a job there. You can go to one of London’s cheap universities that accept international students. Studying in London will help you meet people in your field and keep in touch with them.

5- You can easily live in London on a budget.

As a student, you can do 101 things for free. There are more than ten museums that are free to visit. Get the London Card to save money on London’s best attractions, skip lines, and enjoy peace and quiet in the city’s best free parks.

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in London for International Students

University of Westminster

About 180 years ago, the University of Westminster opened as London’s first polytechnic college. They have built a reputation for helping students from different backgrounds reach their full potential because of how well they have done in the past. This university is one of the least expensive in London. The Architecture, Film, Media, and Arts programs at the University of Westminster are very well known.

Average Tuition Fee

Average tuition fee for international students – £11,750.

How do I apply to the University of Westminster

On the website of the University and Colleges Admissions Service, you will fill out your application. International students will be able to pick up to five courses and five universities. Fill out your application with the UCAS codes for the courses you want to take, the institution code for the University of Westminster, a reference, and a personal statement.

University of West London

This school is also known as the professional university because it has been able to get a high rate of employment for its graduates, and most degree holders start their careers after graduating. As one of the most affordable universities in London, it offers courses in Film and Media, Business, Computing and Engineering, Law, Hospitality, Tourism, and Healthcare, among others.

Average Tuition Fee

It’s £9,250 for domestic students and £11,440 for international students.

How do I apply to the University of West London?
You’ll fill out an application form on the UCAS website. You must send in a copy of your passport, a transcript of your grades, a personal statement, professional or academic references, and any other documents that prove you can speak English.

Ulster University (London Campus)

The London Campus of Ulster University is right in the middle of London. The University of Ulster is known for its excellent teaching and research. This is one of the least expensive places for international students to go to school in London. It has colleges that are known for their work in the social sciences and the job market. And a simple way to find low-cost London MBA programs.

Average tuition fees
For international students, the annual tuition fee is £14,910.

How do I apply to Ulster University (London Campus)?

Depending on the level you choose, your entry requirements will be different. For example, if you want to get a postgraduate degree, you must have at least a 2:2 Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent, an IELTS score of 6.0 with no score lower than 5.5, and a high school diploma.

University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is proud to be a well-known public university in the 21st century. It is well-known for the high quality of its teaching and research. It also has a large number of students and is known for its economics, linguistics, and business classes. This university gives international students the cheapest MBA in London.

Average Tuition Fee:

The annual tuition fee for international students is £14,500.

How do I apply to the University of Greenwich?

If you are an international student in the European Union, you will use the UCAS website to apply. If you are applying from another country, you can either send your application directly to the university or use a representative in the state. The International Office will then decide if you are a good fit for the course you chose and make you an offer.

London Metropolitan University

This is a public university in London that does research. London Metropolitan University was made when the Institution of North London and the London Guildhall University merged. It is the most affordable university in the city. They are known for taking their students on trips to places of business.

Average tuition
fees Annual tuition fees are estimated at £12,700 – £13,250.

How do I apply for admission to London Metropolitan University?

Choose a course, read about what it will cover, and fill out the form to sign up. You will have to write a personal statement about why you want to take the course. On the university’s website, you will need to upload more supporting documents.

University of Law

One of the oldest places to study law, business, or a professional field in the UK is the University of Law. It owns two of London’s nine stores. I’ve taught more attorneys than any other school in the United Kingdom. It is known as one of the least expensive colleges in London for international students. The goal of the university is to teach students in a way that is real, current, useful, and involves them.

Average tuition
fees The annual tuition fee is around £11,750.

How do I apply to the University of Law?
There are two main ways to apply. You can apply through LawCAB. You can enroll in full-time law courses on campus. For other postgraduate courses, like online courses and part-time courses, you can apply directly to the university.

University of East London

The goal of the University of East London is to be a career-focused school that puts students’ futures first. It’s a public university in London with three campuses. It is known as one of the most affordable places for international students to study in London. Several courses teach about business, law, the social sciences, journalism, architecture, engineering, and other professions.

Average Tuition Fee:

For undergraduate students, the annual tuition fee is around £13,080. For postgraduate students, it’s £13,920.

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How do I apply to University of East London?

You can apply directly to the university or through a third party. For example, people who want to be undergraduates will apply through UCAS. UCAS is the organization in charge of handling all first-year applications to universities in the UK. The scholarshiptab says that you must start applying to the University of East London at least 18 months before the start of the degree you want to get.

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